Environmental Justice Network Forum (EJNF) endorse Contraction and Convergence

18th October 1998

The EJNF is a network of most of the major NGOs in South Africa
On the 18th of October 1998 they adopted the following resolution.

"Noting that global warming and climate changes are having growing and adverse impacts on South Africa and her peoples, such as flash flooding, increasing aridity, increasing crop insecurity and spread of tropical diseases such as malaria, and recognising that there has been a history of a profound imbalance within the country and between all the countries of the world in the consumption of the resources which have triggered these global changes, EJNF resolves to promote corrective actions within and between nations that deal both with the unequal consumption and the overconsumption of the resources in question particularly those which lead directly to the release of greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions such as fossil fuels

EJNF commits itself to campaign in support of the "Contraction and Convergence" proposals that specifically embody the principles of global equity and sustainability. This means that EJNF will advocate that the apportionment of future international greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions entitlements shall be the result of a deliberate convergence process to a point of equal per capita shares globally by a date to be negotiated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change."

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