Contraction and . . . [Mock-Up of CBAT in Four Domains, pending full animation] . . .

CBAT DOMAIN ONE; Concentrations - Segregated-Feedback, Medium-Climate-Sensitivity, Slider at '0', UKCA Switch 'on'.
CBAT DOMAIN TWO; Convergence - Starts 2015 - ends 2020 in this e.g. Horizontal slider[s] will work any start/end-points.
CBAT DOMAIN THREE; Conversion - Green Growth; subject to DOMAIN-1 choice, time-space for renewables conversion.
CBAT DOMAIN FOUR; Damages & Growth - again subject to DOMAIN-1 Budget/Slider-choice, un/controllable damage rates.

In this 'live' CBAT D-1 GUI [Graphic User Interface] immediately below, mouse-click any DOMAIN ICON in left-hand column and it goes to the screen-centre.
This gives a feel for how CBAT will work visually when all FOUR DOMAINS are active. D-1 controls & image remain active when D2 or D3 or D4 are centered.

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Below the GUI images are not-yet animated 'MOCK-UPS' of DOMAINS 1-4. Only CBAT DOMAIN ONE has been animated so far. When completely animated, all screens [centre or alongside] will be visibly inter-acting to the choices made in all 4 Domains.

In the graphic below, starting from a value roughly equivalent to the carbon-consumption in 2010: -

  1. the black dotted line projects Economic Growth continuing the reference-rate established over previous decades of around 3% a year and
  2. the red dotted line shown here shown in the Damages-Curves [HIGH Budget] is aligned with the CAF 50 constant for that Budget. This will adjust to reflect the same reference if the MEDIUM or the LOW Budgets is chosen.

This creates a 'reference-constant' that shows as 'no-acceleration/no-deceleration' in the damage curve at CAF 50 equivalence. These will be tracking the 'Segregated Feedback' curves of Domain One, as these can also be read as calculating the extent of mitigation required to avoid runaway rates of climate change taking hold.

For each of the 3 Budgets in CBAT Domain One, the 'Damage-Curve' in Domain Four will 'sweep' up and down in synch with the vertical slider for controlling Contraction:Concentrations in Domain One. Curves below that constant show deceleration in the damages curve and curves above it show acceleration.

The thing we most need to achieve however is damages decelerating and also actually falling and it is important to be wise to the fact that this is a bigger challenge to achieve than deceleration per se.

Essentially, this shows that the future Carbon Budget should weight 200 Gt C or less [equivalent to Domain One LOW Budget] supported by an all-out global campaign to effect conversion away consumption patterns based on from fossil fuel dependency, as comprehensively and as rapidly as possible.

One of the things to emerge from this full CBAT syntax of all Four Domains, is that a Loss & Damages mechanism in the UNFCCC as argued for in the negotiations is futile [and is unlikely to come about] without a precaution/prevention-based C&C-based deal for UNFCCC-compliance.

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