Woody Allen said, "eternity is a very long time, especially towards the end."
(He may have been wrong . . . ) . . .

The 'feminine principle'


  • Click the image below and it summons a 'live' Excel spreadsheet;
  • Change the value next to the 'CONTROL CELL' to whatever you like;
  • Whatever the value chosen: -

    • the progression of the Pythagorean Comma is always constant;
    • yielding a 'deceleration curve' to the value of 'Phi' (0.618....)
    • at the 'Phi' point between steps 12 & 13 of the Pythagorean Comma;
    • 'Phi' - as both a ratio & a rate - is a 'universal constant' in space-time';
    • it is fundamental to shaping the 'Golden Curve' so powerful and ubiquitous in Nature;
    • where 'angular momentum' accelerates/decelerates by 'Phi' for every 90° of rotation.

All this awesome beauty comes from the source where the two rivers meet.


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