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  1. Global Commons Institute home page
  2. Contraction & Convergence (C&C) first 20 years (1989-2008)
  3. Assumptions; the 'Well Tempered Climate Accord' (WTCA)
  4. NEMI
  5. The C&C principle is 'Well Tempering'
  6. "The C&C principle is unchallenged" Herman Daly
  7. Support for this remains unrivalled
  8. More High Level Support
  9. The C&C Archive
  10. Global Warming is Accelerating (positive-feedback)
  11. Widely varying estimates of Emissions from Land Use Changes
  12. Sinks are shrinking (positive-feedback)
  13. Feedback & C&C Embedded in CBAT the Carbon Budget Analysis Tool
  14. The UK Climate Act (UKCA 2008) is C&C (Right Principle, Wrong Rates)
  15. All UK Political Parties strongly endorsed C&C
  16. COP-6 (2000) where Insurers anticipate global bankruptcy from climate damage rates by 2065
  17. Environmental Audit Committee 'Carbon Budget Enquiries' (2009 - 2013)
  18. Emissions Creep since UKCA
  19. The 'RCP' scenarios
  20. 'Five Wise Monkeys' - a ludicrous idea from the UK CCC
  21. Sane Safe Fair? UK 'leadership' is >3 times its global share!
  22. More false accounting from the British Government
  23. Fee and Dividend - a good idea from James Hansen
  24. Collaboration with Plan-B
  25. All Country CREDIT DEBIT detail (1750-2050)
  26. Growth rates CO2 pollution (1750-2017)
  27. Submission to the Talanoa Dialogue (2017)
  28. Damages Liabilities
  29. Judicial Review
  30. The irrationality of delay; the case in a Nutshell
  31. We were all happy to welcome encouragement from Jim Hansen
  32. Speech at RCJ; C&C "The Well Tempered Climate Accord"
  33. Canards & Canaries - UKMO/HMG dodgy statistics
  34. IPCC 'Miracle' for AR6 - more carbon equals less temperature
  35. Airline Emissions make a critical situation even worse
  36. Huge injustice against islands of the South Pacific Region
  37. Climate emergency, COP-24 & the the 'Katowice Rulebook'
  38. The symmetry-binding-derivation of 'Phi' from the Pythagorean Comma
  39. Symmetry-binding at the 'Phi-Point' between steps 12 & 13 of the Pythgorean Comma
  40. Symmetry-binding derivation of Phi rescues Standard-Model when Higgs Particle is added to it
  41. Phi is at the structural core of DNA
  42. Much more detail about this is forthcoming
  43. Phi All Life
  44. Orbits of Earth Venus and Sun
  45. Eternity
  46. A Beautiful Model (Limits to Growth)
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