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'Conraction & Convergence' - the C&C Principle & Practice

  1. Global Commons Institute (GCI) home page
  2. Contraction & Convergence (C&C) first 20 years (1989-2008)
  3. Assumptions; the 'Well Tempered Climate Accord' (WTCA)
  4. The C&C principle is 'Well Tempering'
  5. Speech at RCJ (2018); C&C "The Well Tempered Climate Accord"
  6. "Anyone who thinks C&C is Utopian simply hasn't looked honestly at the alternatives."

    UNFCCC-Compliance & Support for the C&C Principle
  7. UNFCCC-Compliance requires C&C
  8. "The C&C principle is unchallenged" Herman Daly
  9. Support for this principle remains unrivalled
  10. C&C Principle - submission to UNFCCC 2012
  11. UN Bodies
  12. Extensive High Level Support for C&C principle
  13. Extensive expert support
  14. All UK Political Parties strongly endorsed C&C
  15. C&C supporting Early Day Motions (EDMs)
  16. UNFCCC-Compliance animation requested from GCI by Minister Hilary Benn in 2007
  17. The C&C Archive
  18. Awards

    1994 a huge outcry over the climate 'Economics of Genocide' from Pearce & Nordhaus
  19. GCI's critique of the economics argued in the IPCC Second Assessment Report
  20. Upheld in IPCC_SAR
  21. Globally the poor are more 'carbon-efficient' than the rich
  22. The 3 in 1 Trefoil
  23. Usury
  24. Uneconomic Growth Disorder
  25. Genocide by any other name (then)
  26. Genocide by any other name (now)

    Big wake-up call from paleo climate change records for the PERMIAN Extinction

  27. The changing rate of the temperature rise & fall over 100s of millions of years
  28. The changing rate of the rise & fall of CO2 concentrations over 100s of millions of years
  29. The rise & fall of T° CH4 CO2 ocean pH and sea-level over the last 600,000 years
  30. The 'Milankovitch wobbles' & 230 PPMV, the average over the last 600,000 years

    Climate heating accelerating & carbon sinks relatively shrinking
  31. Global Warming is accelerating now (positive-feedback)
  32. Sinks are shrinking now (positive-feedback)
  33. Major Source-Sink questions in scenario from Rockstrom et al

  34. CBAT the 'Carbon Budget Analysis Tool' presented in GCI evidence to EAC
  35. Feedback & C&C arrays Embedded in CBAT (Carbon Budget Analysis Tool) measures this
  36. COP-6 (2000) Insurers anticipated global bankruptcy from climate damage rates by 2065
  37. CBAT Appreciation

    EAC Carbon Budget Enquiries - were the models valid?
  38. Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) 'Carbon Budget Enquiries' (2009 - 2013)
  39. On its website UKMO admits the omission of major feedbacks from its climate modelling
  40. Under Oath UKMO then denies these omissions in evidence to the EAC Enquiry in 2013
  41. The 'RCP' scenarios; sink failure rates modelled in RCP 8.5 (the path we're on)
  42. Emissions-Creep since UKCA (2008)
  43. Widely varying estimates of Emissions from Land Use Changes

    Climate Litigation
  44. Institutions & Considerations
  45. Collaboration with litigation agenda from 'Plan-B'

    1. All Country CREDIT DEBIT detail (1750-2050)
    2. Return to CREDIT:DEBIT Analysis
    3. Go to All Countries listing Alphabetical
    4. Go to All Countries in Regional Groupings
    5. Go to an easy Visualization of how CREDIT:DEBIT is calculated
    6. Go to All Countries in Overal CREDIT:DEBIT Groupings
    7. Go to All Countries detailed CREDIT:DEBIT Breakdown as %s
    8. Go to UK Emissions compared with several Regions
    9. Go to a short explanation of each element of the global analysis done for each country
    10. Globally the poor are more 'carbon-efficient' than the rich
    11. Ignoring the 'carbon-debt' increases the double-jeopardy we are now in

  46. All Country CREDIT DEBIT detail (1750-2050)
  47. Growth rates CO2 pollution (1750-2017)
  48. Damages Liabilities
  49. Judicial Review
  50. Our Children's Trust


Extraordinary People

  1. Colin Challen MP, the greatest climate campaigner ever in the UK Parliament
  2. Mike Hutchinson, the most Focused Climate Change Film Maker

    UK Emissions:Concentrations:Temperature

  3. The UK Climate Act (Contraction & Convergence) (UKCA 2006)
  4. All UK Political Parties strongly endorsed C&C
  5. C&C supporting Early Day Motions (EDMs)
  6. HMG's UK Climate Act (UKCA 2008) is C&C (Right Principle, Wrong Rates)
  7. UK CO2 emissions & carbon debit since 1750 (CDIAC)
  8. UK CO2 emissions oil coal & gas since 1750 (CDIAC)
  9. UK Emissions & the Paris Agreement
  10. The irrationality of delay; the case in a Nutshell
  11. Canaries & Canards - Global & UK National - UKMO/HMG dodgy statistics
  12. 'Five Wise Monkeys' - a ludicrous idea from the UK CCC
  13. Sane Safe Fair? UK 'leadership' is >3 times its global share!
  14. Embedded Emissions - more false accounting from the British Government?

  15. BREXIT = CLEXIT where climate destiny is completely ignored

    James HANSEN
  16. Fee & Dividend - a good idea from Jim Hansen
  17. Welcome encouragement from Jim Hansen

    UNFCCC & Climate Emergency
  18. UKMO warns of 'temporarily' exceeding 1.5°C by 2023
  19. Climate emergency, UNFCCC COP-24 & the the 'Katowice Rulebook'
  20. Submission to the UNFCCC's 'Talanoa Dialogue' (2017)
  21. IPCC 'Miracle' for AR6 - more carbon equals less temperature!
  22. Airline Emissions make a critical situation even worse
  23. Huge injustice against islands of the South Pacific Region
  24. The Marshall Islands

    Extinction Rebellion; Climate Emergency Now - the CARBON CLOCK is TICKING
  25. GCI called for declaring a climate emergency at COP-2 in 1966
  26. Schellnhuber & others revise their emissions projections in line with GCI/Plan B
  27. It is the trend or the 'shape of the curve' that matters
  28. The carbon clock is now ticking in minus tonnes per second
  29. Extinction Rebellion
  30. Climate Siege

    Music, BACH & the Well Tempered Principle
  31. JS BACH was a Pythagorean

    Well Tempering & the musical derivation of the wonderous 'Phi' (0.618)
  32. Phi Derivation Model - 'The Stringularity Hypothesis'
  33. Hawking drew short of recognizing the real significance of Pythagoras String Experiment
  34. The symmetry-binding-derivation of 'Phi' from the Pythagorean Comma
  35. Symmetry-binding at the Phi-Point between steps 12 & 13 of the Pythagorean Comma 1
  36. Symmetry-binding at the 'Phi-Point' between steps 12 & 13 of the Pythgorean Comma 2
  37. Symmetry-binding derivation of Phi rescues Standard-Model when Higgs Particle is added
  38. Phi-rich Pentagons
  39. Phi created the integers
  40. Happy Phi:Pi Day
  41. Phi All Life
  42. Phi:Pi - governs orbits of Earth Venus and Sun
  43. Phi:Pi - governs DNA double-helix molecule
  44. Phi is at the structural core of DNA
  45. Pi:Phi equivalence at the core of DNA Structure
  46. Phi:Pi - Khufu
  47. Phi:Pi - Squaring the Circle
  48. Phi:Pi - Schwarzchild Radius
  49. Deep Simplicity
  50. Eternity & golden spiralling electrons/'excitons'
  51. A Beautiful Model (Limits to Growth)
  52. Inside Out outside In for fun . . . . .

    Art & Life
  53. Tree of Life
  54. NEMI
  55. John Archibald Wheeler