A circular economy is based on organic-growth as it is neg-entropic.


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The 'Phi' Curve is based on the deceleration curve generated in the derivation of Phi.

It is a law of Nature that organic growth occurs fastest at the outset and slows down towards maturity.


The feminine principle

Choose life

Schrodinger’s question ‘What is Life?’ has yet to be answered.

As Laurie Barlow of Greensward Civitas points out, "to further complicate things, Bohm has clearly laid out how consciousness triggers explicate events out
of implicate possibilities, which are infinite and follow the "folding" of Phi. We choose its direction when we observe, and it unfolds according to its nature.
Millions of unfolding potentials every second reveal how powerful our intents and purposes can be if we harness them in favor of life."

As Bohm explicates, we're implicated with 'intentions & purposes'. It's so it's complicated, yet at core it's all so beautifully simple.
An awesome idea.

As Jelle was fond of quoting, ”It is my opinion that everything must be based on a simple idea and it is my opinion that this idea, once we have finally discovered it, will be so compelling, so beautiful, that we will say to one another, yes, how could it have been any different.” John Archibald Wheeler.