Choosing Life is being chosen by 'Phi' . . . .

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Galileo Galilei once famously said, "we must measure what is measurable &
we must make measurable what is unmeasurable."

This is a fundamental challenge where the question becomes what is being measured
and crucially what is the 'numeraire'? The numeraire is the unit of measurement.

The answer lies in the structure of integrationism & neg-entropy.
The entropy laws of disintegrationism are at best incomplete saying

In the now 'existential crisis' which going to runaway rates of climate change threatens,
we need not merely a regime-change, but paradigm-change (numeraire change).

Its not simply about what we are against. It is fundamentally about what we are for,
why we are for it and can we measure it, or - as it has structure - is it the measure of us?

Its about choosing life and organic (neg-entropic) growth ahead of and in preference to
continuing to be trapped in the entropic paradigm of economic growth.

Vide Fluminism

The numeraire significance is fundamental : it is source-code for everything we know and
numeraire transparency is too. Without this, there is no basis to reduce error or communicate.

The numeraire of UNFCCC-Compliance is Contraction & Convergence (C&C for short).
But it is important to ask as well why it is called the Well Tempered Climate Accord.

What is the link to the musical derivation of Phi? It is the extasis
of, "Making measurable the unmeasurable" or fluminism


Life has chosen us. As mass extinction rates gather, for us not to choose life is suicidal.
All life reflects and aspires to the condition of music, as that is from whence it comes . . . .


The point being explored below is when growth is organic it is life-creating or neg entropic

The political point is that as our economic growth model is exponential. As such it is entropic and
as thermodynamic laws say, [a] we can't win [b] we can't break even [c] we're doomed.

That means, with adherence to entropy we are literally choosing disintegration. |
But life is neg-entropic. Life gave birth to 'us' (we did not give birth to life).

Choose life . . . afterall, it chose us.


What follows below is not conceptual; it is not a probability distribution;
it is the measured factuality - the radiant waveformings - of 'fluminescence' . . .

In the C&C campaign it brings the quest over 'the value of life' to its destination asking,
what is the numeraire (the unit of measurement) in which the answer sought is really to be found?

The situation we are creating over-riding life is increasingly dire. When false dichotomies are avoided,
the answer to what is life and trusting life is to be found in the origin of symmetry in space-time.

The 'numeraire' of this is the 3-2-1 'hemiola'. The fundamentals of 'Nature's Way are rooted in this source-code.
It gives the living reality of 'organic-growth' (deceleration) rather than 'negative-growth' & 'degrowth'.

Any Alliance for UNFCCC-Compliance is not simply compatible with organic growth, it is contingent upon
understanding its meaning & quietly accepting its truth. It is Nature's smallest and most beautiful secret.


All life reflects and aspires to the condition of music

Schrodinger's question

Knowing that, underneath all complexity lies a deep-simplicity, material explored here searches for the answer(s) to Erwin Schrodinger's question 'What is Life'?
All life aspires to the condition of music. It is from there that the momentum-moments-derivation of the ineffable Phi at the heart of the DNA structure comes.

The musical derivation of 'Phi' is fundamental to this - it is Nature's smallest, most beautiful and life-creating secret.
The relationship between 'Phi' & 'Pi' creates the angle that squares the circle.

DNA stucture is governed by the simplicity of Pi:Phi equivalence (see below), unifying particle:wave, masculine:feminine, space:time, chicken:egg, a:theistic, left:right, up:down,
forward:backward, order:disorder, certainty:uncertainty (& other doctrinally-reinforced false dichotomies). Showing this across eons, DNA has been called the 'life-molecule'.

Harmonics in sine-waves, give the Certainty & Symmetry of Well Tempering
in the musical derivation of Phi & the structure of life itself in the DNA Molecule is guided by this

Exploration as to when & how the DNA molecule emerged continues. That said, the images above are what purport to be (at least part-stylized) still-photographs of the DNA molecule
and they all show clearly the atomic content of the DNA molecule with chemical bonding of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Hydrogen, Oxygen & Carbon atoms (top right).

The (much smaller) electrons are not visible, but whatever 'electron-cloud-dynamics' are there, any uncertainties in these do not disturb the certainties and stability of the DNA molecular structure. If anything, the structure of DNA may well be a function of these electro-magnetic 'cloud-dynamics'. Not insignificant here is chemical bonding represented by hexagons, pentagons & circles.

Rosalind Franklin & 'Photo 51'

Prior to the eventual discovery of the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule (credited to Watson & Crick), the x-ray crystallography of crystallized DNA came first from Rosalind Franklin.
Her 'Photo-51' revealed the angle of 72° (360°/5 gives the 5-sided pentagon) and based on this insight, her prediction of the double helix structure of the DNA molecule was seminal.

The double-helix of DNA is suffused with 'Phi' the 'feminine principle'

Phi is evident in every structural detail in but also leading to the DNA molecule.

The Herz-Derivation of 'Phi' shows DNA structure of negative entropy embodies organic-growth

As Schrodinger's essay suggests, organic growth is neg-entropic. So the Herz-Derivation of 'Phi' (PhiD) with its neg-entropy curve to Phi is of axiomatic importance.
Phi is a direct product of Pythagoras Stringularity experiment & the symmetry-binding properties of PhiD enable reunification of the standard model with gravity.

There are endless wave-particle uncertainties/dualities/probabilities/dilemmas at the 'quantum-observation/measurement-dilemma'.
These translate as structural-certainties at atomic & DNA-molecular level when understood as a function of the Unifying Principle.

The Derivation of many fundamental constants is revealed by the musical derivation of Phi

The Derivation of Phi is already apparent in the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse

Will our 'human economy' become more or less unsustainable?

As ecology or 'life' depends on this structural-stability, any 'sustainable human economy' does too. So a human economy that: -

makes it increasingly, uneconomic, unsustainable, inequitable & destructive as a result.

Choosing Life as Life has chosen us . . .

Simply put, we have no choice but to choose life, as life has chosen us. This is clear from the structural stability of DNA and the sequences that both preceded and followed it.
Understanding this structural stability and its import should informs the paradigm-change needed for living species to survive.
Choosing life simply now means choosing to reject uneconomic growth in favour of neg-entropic organic growth.

The beautiful simplicity of the derivation of Phi in Hertz and the Pi:Phi-governed structure of the DNA molecule, the detail here going to the 8th octave (8 doublings) gives equivalence.
Equivalence embraces the full framework-dynamic of the double helix. Taken together this shows that the contribution of Rosalind Franklin with 'photo-51' is of fundamental importance.

An answer to Schrodinger's question 'What is life'? - "Das Ewig Weibliche Zieht Uns Hinan"

Phi in the living DNA structure is 'curved'. This is profound and a significant part of the answer to Schrodinger's question, "What is Life".
The musical derivation of Phi from Stringularity is fundamental. The 'feminine principle' (organic growth) seeds the paradigm-change needed.

"Das Ewig Weibliche Zieht Uns Hinan"

The double helix is governed by this fundamental structure

Phi in Penrose-Tiling is geometrically elegant but ultimately a function of what Richard Dawkins calls (unfairly, perhaps even foolishly) 'the dead-hand of Plato'.
As 'string-waveform', the entity is full of feedback and is therefore very much alive.
Below is a 'pentagramatic string' vibrating: -

[a] slowly on the left to show two rotations through 360° are needed to complete the full cycle (as is true of all odd numbers) &
[b] faster on the right to isolate more clearly the superposition of energy (transverse and longitudinal) in the waves.

Divided in 5 equal parts, the string is sounding 2 octaves & a major third against the fundamental, which is sounding but which is not shown.
The first five prime numbers give a major triad. We can reasonably call this providential major chord - 'force majeure'.

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