DNA Structure

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In the now 'existential crisis' which going to runaway rates of climate change threaten, we need not a mere regime-change, but the paradigm-change hinted at here.
DNA stucture is governed by the fundamental & beautiful simplicity of Pi:Phi equivalence, unifying particle:wave, masculine:feminine, chicken:egg, a:theistic, left:right,
up:down, forward:backward (& other doctrinally reinforced false dichotomies).

Material explored here seeks to explore the answer to Schrodinger's question 'What is Life'. For living species to survive, paradigm-change is needed.

The awesomely beautiful simplicity of the Pi:Phi-governened structure of the DNA molecule.
The detail here going to the 8th octave (doubling) embraces the full framework-dynamic of the double helix.

  1. Hawking drew short of recognizing the real significance of Pythagoras String Experiment
  2. The symmetry-binding-derivation of 'Phi' from the Pythagorean Comma
  3. Symmetry-binding at the Phi-Point between steps 12 & 13 of the Pythagorean Comma 1
  4. Symmetry-binding at the 'Phi-Point' between steps 12 & 13 of the Pythgorean Comma 2
  5. Symmetry-binding derivation of Phi rescues Standard-Model when Higgs Particle is added
  6. Phi-rich Pentagons
  7. Phi created the integers
  8. Phi All Life
  9. Phi:Pi - governs orbits of Earth Venus and Sun
  10. Phi:Pi - governs DNA double-helix molecule
  11. Phi is at the structural core of DNA
  12. Pi:Phi equivalence at the core of DNA Structure
  13. Phi:Pi - Khufu
  14. Phi:Pi - Squaring the Circle
  15. Phi:Pi - Schwarzchild Radius
  16. Eternity & golden spiralling electrons
  17. A Beautiful Model (Limits to Growth)
  18. Inside Out outside In for fun . . . . .