DNA Structure

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In the now 'existential crisis' which going to runaway rates of climate change threaten, we need not a mere regime-change, but the paradigm-change hinted at here.
DNA stucture is governed by the fundamental & beautiful simplicity of Pi:Phi equivalence, unifying particle:wave, masculine:feminine, chicken:egg, a:theistic, left:right,
up:down, forward:backward (& other doctrinally reinforced false dichotomies).

Material explored here seeks to explore the answer to Schrodinger's question 'What is Life'. For living species to survive, paradigm-change is needed.

The awesomely beautiful simplicity of the Pi:Phi-governened structure of the DNA molecule. The contribution of Rosalind Franklin to this story of discovery is of fundamental importance.
The detail here going to the 8th octave (doubling) embraces the full framework-dynamic of the double helix.

  1. Hawking drew short of recognizing the real significance of Pythagoras String Experiment
  2. The symmetry-binding-derivation of 'Phi' from the Pythagorean Comma
  3. Symmetry-binding at the Phi-Point between steps 12 & 13 of the Pythagorean Comma 1
  4. Symmetry-binding at the 'Phi-Point' between steps 12 & 13 of the Pythgorean Comma 2
  5. Symmetry-binding derivation of Phi rescues Standard-Model when Higgs Particle is added
  6. Phi-rich Pentagons
  7. Phi created the integers
  8. Phi All Life
  9. Phi:Pi - governs orbits of Earth Venus and Sun
  10. Phi:Pi - governs DNA double-helix molecule
  11. Phi is at the structural core of DNA
  12. Pi:Phi equivalence at the core of DNA Structure
  13. Phi:Pi - Khufu
  14. Phi:Pi - Squaring the Circle
  15. Phi:Pi - Schwarzchild Radius
  16. Eternity & golden spiralling electrons
  17. A Beautiful Model (Limits to Growth)
  18. Inside Out outside In for fun . . . . .