Outcry over the the Economics of Genocide (1994/5)

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  • GCI's critique of the economics argued in the IPCC Second Assessment Report

    Sustained between 1993 & 1995 in the IPCC,
    GCI's clash with economists over the the value of life became huge.


    Below is a sign-on letter which GCI has been circulating. Since June, many people and organisations around the world have co-signed this in protest against the actions of some economists now working in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC's Working Group Three (WG3) on "Economic and other Cross-Cutting Issues".

    These (mostly OECD) economists have now established the following ideas in the drafts of the IPCC's Second Assessment Report (SAR): -
    (a) There will a huge number of deaths as a result of human-induced global climate changes.
    (b) These need to be given a cash value (a "damage cost").
    (c) The cash value of people's lives around the world is different.
    (d) This is because of their differing abilities to pay for damage insurance.

    Consequently, the lives of people in poor countries should be substantially discounted in the Global Cost/Benefit Analysis (GCBA) being conducted by IPCC.
    The poorer countries have least - or indeed no - responsibility for causing the problems of climate change.
    They also cover the regions of the globe where most of the associated deaths will occur. They are also the countries now most blamed for "future impacts".
    We do not feel that this aspect of the IPCC's analysis is ethically justifiable or politically prudent.
    We therefore ask you and all your colleagues please to consider becoming co-signatories to the attached letter.
    Signature collection will also continue until the 1st "Conference of the Parties" (COP) ie the UN Climate Change negotiations in Berlin next March.

    "DEFEND THE VALUE OF LIFE" Please co-sign THIS letter to the Conference of the Parties & the IPCC (See here).

    "Protecting the world environment requires that development be sustainable. Some time ago main-stream economists
    explicitly set out to capture the sustainable development agenda for the economics profession.

    In this pursuit and with much public money, they invented the technique they call "global cost/benefit analysis" (G-CBA).
    Global warming and the cost and benefits of climate change are now assessed by them in these monetary terms.

    And this assessment is being aggressively pushed by the economists in the UN's Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

    Part of this exercise, they assert, entails giving cash values to human lives. They accept there are going to be hundreds of thousands of
    deaths worldwide as a result of global climate changes.

    A recent research paper from the UK-Government-funded C-SERGE, the UK's "Centre for the Social and Economic Research of the Global Environment",
    (C-SERGE Director David Pearce is also the convening lead author in IPCC on "Social Costs" and has now formally lodged this approach in the IPCC text
    (and it has survived the peer review) states that the cash value of a "statistical life" in the EC or the USA is $1,500,000 per head,
    but in ("poorer countries" such as) China it is only $150,000.

    In GCBA, this means that, as an economist, you help capture the sustainable development agenda for your profession
    by discarding a real Chinese life ten times more easily than a real life in the EC or the USA.

    Ironically, these lives are now at risk as a result of damage to the global environment for which citizens
    in the EC and the USA have been and are at least ten times more responsible per head than citizens in China.

    There is, of course, a foreign policy cost associated with this since the population of the EC and the USA
    is outnumbered 10-1 by everyone else. The need to value human rights as equal, is prudent as well as perennial

  • Aubrey Meyer Global Commons Institute (GCI)
  • Tony Cooper Global Commons Institute (GCI)
  • Richard Douthwaite Global Commons Institute (GCI)
  • Tim Rickman Global Commons Institute (GCI)
  • Joy Pagano Global Commons Institute (GCI)
  • Dan Davenport Global Commons Institute (GCI)
  • Dave Bradney Global Commons Institute (GCI)
  • Nigel Dower Aberdeen University Dept Philos Politics & Int. Relations
  • Antoine Sendama Africa Water Network
  • Sadachari Singh Tomar Agri Energy and Power Institute Bhopal India
  • Bruce McFarling MA Economics (University of Tennessee)
  • Mustafa Pultar Prof. Faculty of Art, Design, Architecture, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkiye
  • Arthur R Barrit Associated Labour Unions, Philippines
  • Peter Kiwummulo Association of Socio Economic Progress Uganda
  • Nirmada Das ASTRA Indian Institute of Science
  • N Ganguli ASTRA Indian Institute of Science
  • S Lokras ASTRA Indian Institute of Science
  • U Shrinivasa ASTRA Indian Institute of Science,
  • Chairman Victor Anderson Author Alternative Economic Indicators
  • Brian Grant National Party of Canada, Pacific Region
  • Tom Athanasiou Sheelagh O'Reilly Bangor University, Centre for Arid Zone Studies Research Fellow
  • Dr. David T. Smernoff Bay Area Action California
  • Louise Say Bradford University Peace Studies
  • M C Mapako Biomass User's Network Technical Director
  • Marielle Savard, British Columbia University,
  • Canada Malachi O Orondo CCDU Kenya Director
  • Professor Graciela Chichilnisky Director, Project on Information and Resources Columbia University
  • Helle Rasmussen Copenhagen Business School
  • Leif Bloch Rasmussen, Copenhagen Business School
  • Neelam Sethi Cornell University
  • Dora Ann Lange Canhos Base de Dados Tropical Fundacao "Andre' Tosello" Brazil
  • Milind Kandlikar Carnegie Mellon Uni, Dept of Engineering & Public Policy
  • D Taylor Centre for Low Input Agriculture, South Africa, Director
  • Koshy Cherail Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, India
  • Dr Paul Redfern Centre for the Study of Global Governance LSE UK
  • Cynog Dafis Ceredigion & Pembroke North MP Caree Simmons, Drury College
  • John Hontelez Chairman Friends of the Earth International
  • Paul Spray Christian Aid UK Stan Jones, University of Oregon, USA
  • Dennis Berg, Environmental Studies, CSU, Fullerton
  • Christine Harold Tova Perlmutter
  • John Mead Christian Ecology Link
  • Grace Akumu Climate Network Africa (Kenya)
  • MK Pillai Coir Board India
  • Art Farley Computer and Information Science Uni Oregon USA
  • Per Flensburg Copenhagen Business School Helle Rasmussen Copenhagen Business School
  • Birgitte Bush Copenhagen Business School
  • Leif Bloch Rasmussen, Copenhagen Business School
  • Chris Cuomo Cornell University Science and Technology Studies
  • Ulrich Loenig Edinburgh University Centre for Human Ecology - Dir.
  • Miles Litvinoff Earthscan Action Handbook Author
  • Shelley Braithwaite Earth Action Resource Centre
  • Jonathon Bevan Earth Repair Charter
  • Dan Hinckley Earthweb Project USA
  • Dr John Whitelegg Ecologica Ltd Lancaster UK
  • Nicholas Hildyard Ecologist Magazine Wagaki Mwangi EcoNews Africa
  • Adrian Berwert Environmental Economist Zurich
  • Eugene P. Coyle Energy Analyst San Francisco, California
  • Stephen Law Environmental Monitoring Group, South Africa
  • MK Sharma Educational Media Research Centre, India
  • K R Baskar EMRC - MK University Madurai S India
  • S Rayamarihandan EMRC - MK University Madurai S India
  • S Manukandan EMRC - MK University Madurai S India
  • N Murthipandi EMRC - MK University Madurai S India
  • M Ramkeerthi EMRC - MK University Madurai S India
  • John Gowdy, Professor of Economics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst Troy, New York
  • S V Bajay Energy Planning Co-Ordinator University of Campinas Brazil
  • Youba Sokona Environment and Development in the Third World, IPCC WG3 Lead Author, Mali
  • Chris Chetsanga Environment and Remote Sensing Institute, Zimbabwe
  • Rob Sinclair Environment Liaison Centre International Heinz
  • Greijn Environment Liaison Centre International
  • Jim Berreen Environment Speaker Green Party UK W
  • Fred van Raaij Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Martin Hogan Essex University
  • Musiliu O Ashiru Forestry Research Institute Nigeria
  • AB Oguntala Forestry Research Institute Nigeria
  • Charles Secrett Friends of the Earth UK Director
  • John Whiting Global Commons Trust UK 31
  • John Gordon Global Environmental Research Centre
  • Iris Marion Young, Professor Graduate School of Public & International Affairs University of Pittsburgh
  • Titus Alexander Stop Global Apartheid
  • Mike Feinstein Green Party California Patrick Samphire Green Party Colchester
  • Alan Francis Green Party Euro-candidate Beds and Milton Keynes
  • John Morrisey Green Party Executive UK
  • Penny Kemp Green Party Executive UK
  • Susan Miles Green Party Executive UK
  • Penny Shepherd Green Party Executive UK
  • John Morris Green Party Executive UK
  • Miriam Kennett Green Party Executive UK
  • Alex Begg Green Party Executive UK
  • Ron Bailey Green Party Executive UK
  • Darren Johnson Green Party Executive UK
  • Jan Clark Green Party Executive UK
  • David Taylor Green Party Executive UK
  • Kit Brown Midlothian Green Party
  • Ian Morrice Midlothian Green Party Treasurer Scottish Green Party
  • Patricia McKenna Member European Parliament, Comhaontas Glas Eire
  • Richard Howitt Member European Parliament Labour Essex South
  • Nel van Djik Member European Parliament, Groen Links, Netherlands
  • Stan Newens Member European Parliament, London Central
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  • Frank de Jong Green Party of Ontario, leader
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    The advice from a friends was, "don't ever give up!"

    It led to addressing the numeraire question

  • Insurers clearly told COP-6 in 2000 that

    1. bankruptcy lay ahead unless the problem was solved and
    2. the problem was insoluble without Contraction & Convergence

      In the Carbon Budget Analysis Tool (CBAT)
      the rates and ratios of climate-damages to growth
      are starkly straightforward in CBAT Domain 4 . . .

      The rate of economic growth minus the rate of climate-damages
      potentially overwhelms the economy within decades . . . .

      This was already clear and publicy stated at COP-6
      by leading members of the global Insurance Industry.

      In 2021 the situation now critical looks like this.