C&C the UK Climate Act & the Carbon Budget Analysis Tool (2010-2100)

In 2017, we are approaching the 'event horizon' of irreversibility with climate change. In December 2017, Jeremy Mathis, Director of NOAA's Arctic Programme said,
"the environment is changing so quickly . . . there is an almost runaway effect . . . we can't quite get a handle on what this new state is going to look like."

However, the UK Government refuses to align its carbon reduction target with the Paris Climate Agreement


  1. All Country CREDIT DEBIT
  2. C&C first 20 years
  3. EAC Carbon Budget Enquiries
  4. C&C is Embedded in 'CBAT', the Carbon Budget Analysis Tool
  5. Global Warming is Accelerating
  6. Collaboration with Plan-B
  7. Submission to the Talanoa Dialogue
  8. Damages Liabilities
  9. Judicial Review
  10. The irrationality of delay - the case in a Nutshell
  11. Judicial Review - Update
  12. Speech
  13. Judicial Review - Second Update
  14. HMG dodgy statistics 
  15. Sane Safe Fair - Why does HMG insist on a UK CO2 share >3 times its equal share?
  16. IPCC Miracle for AR6 - more carbon equals less temperature
  17. Assumptions (ideology vs logic)
  18. 'Dominance' (Music)


CBAT - the Carbon Budget Accounting Tool.

Here are the four 'domains' of CBAT where domains 2, 3 & 4 automatically pick up the user-selected carbon-budget emissions in domain one.
On opening, the default setting is the contraction rate of global emissions - the global 'carbon-budget' - in the UK Climate Act.
It is 'cognitive-mapping', so the CBAT-user
can increase or decrease this 'carbon-budget' and separately, the potential for the consequential change rates arising: -

  • 'Domain One' - 'Contraction & Concentrations', with response arrays of 'climate feedbacks' & 'climate-effects' (temperature, sea level rise and ocean acidifcation)
  • 'Domain Two' - 'Contraction and Convergence' where regional shares converge on the international per capita average arising
  • 'Domain Three' - 'Contraction and Conversion' exploring the rate at which fossil fuel consumption needs to be replaced with renewable sources
  • 'Domain Four' - 'Climate Damages and Growth' exploring the rate of the climate-damage curves arising from different rates of carbon contraction

A description of CBAT by Plan-B was published thereafter; a technical note is here; Appreciation is here.
"Simple, robust, its insight into the problem of climate mitigation bears the hallmark of true genius." Dlugolecki.