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In view of the 'existential threat' posed by the accelerating rates of global climate change, perhaps its time to be . . . .

Addressing False Dichotomies

Contraction and Convergence (C&C) - 'The Well Tempered Climate Accord' ('Equity = Survival').

A non-ideological overall framework, is jointly & severally required to interrogate, negotiate & integrate UNFCCC-Compliance on the full-term, integral basis of: -

  • precaution
  • inclusivity
  • urgency
  • equity
  • adequacy
  • completion

C&C was created by GCI in 1995 to that purpose. It was to integrate the full-term international process of UNFCCC-Compliance.
This means the arrest of atmospheric GHG accumulation curving upwards so it gradually curves downwards to a level pre-judged as 'safe & stable' (e.g. 350 ppmv).

This means first setting out the whole emissions-contraction-event (the path-integral) consistent with that. From there, the methodology of any contraction-&-convergence-based-path-integral of future global GHG emissions deliberately embodies the sequencing structure of a UNFCCC-Compliant C&C proposition where the: -

  • international emissions parts always commute with the global total path-integral (as convergence is a function of the 'contraction-event' and not vice-versa)
  • with the given weight contracting down to zero by a given date whatever the UNFCCC-Compliant rates, weights & dates agreed by the users

    Structurally sequencing this way requires a fixed universal (everyone) joint/several reference standard and this is used specifically: -

  • to avoid the reverse, where trying to make the contraction-event a function of myriads of contestable convergence assumptions results in randomness,
  • instead of ab initio the coherent goal-focused process needed for compliance in a structure defined by the deliberate commutation of the whole and its parts.

    i.e. non-compliance results from non-commutation, as precaution & prevention continue to be subordinated to the structureless growth differentials of arbitrage.

Logical Assumption (beyond belief)

Equal Temperament or 'Well Tempered Tuning', means tuning the 12 semi-tones equally within the fundamental doubling structure of the musical 'octave'.
The classic example, J S Bach's 'Well Tempered Clavichord' (1721), assumes equal semi-tone steps & remains the classic expression of equal temperament.

The key points arising from this are: -

  • equal temperament enables music to be written in, tuned in, played in and to modulate between, all 12 musical keys,
  • because it means that all combinations in all keys always commute as equally 'in-tune' and 'in-time'.

    Where and for these same reasons: -

  • C&C (1994) assumes equal per capita or 'Well Tempered' emissions rights globally, with a base-year for future population sizes,
  • as this enables any rates/weights/dates of a C&C carbon budget to be calculated, so the total always commutes with its 'well tempered' parts,
  • and the process of carbon-containment as a whole can be precisely aimed at a UNFCCC-Compliant outcome for atmospheric GHG concentration.

GCI intentionally nick-named C&C, 'The Well Tempered Climate Accord' to underline the non-ideological properties of this methodology;
For illustration, a recently created 'user-chooser' C&C animation with 1,000,000 possible rates of C&C - that always commute - is here.

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Addressing the false dichotomy between conflicted/contestable left/right Ideological Assumptions
(or 'beliefs')

For 30 years, 'ideological assumptions' have obscured the sine-qua-non for UNFCCC-Compliance, a non-random internationally inclusive path-integral for a limited & declining future weight of emissions globally on a precautionary and preventive basis i.e. completing a C&C 'event' as quickly as possible.

In 2008 Professor Ross Garnaut advanced a significant but residually ideological statement about C&C saying, "(it) has the virtue of simplicity.
Equal per capita emissions is a natural focal point. Contestable computations based on economic variables do not need to enter the allocation

Recognizing economic variables as 'contestable' was certainly an improvement on the earlier 'ideological charge' laid by John Ashton of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) who stated in 2002 that, "C&C is compelling, yet at its heart lurks a contestable ideological assumption; equal per capita emissions as rights".

Earlier still in 1998, British sociologist Professor Anthony Giddens claimed that the radical center is synonymous with the Third Way. For Giddens, an advisor to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and for many other European political actors, the Third Way is a reconstituted form of the ideological compromise know as 'social democracy'.

Probably for these reasons, Anthony Giddens was consistently a supporter and an advocate of C&C.

However, this is the guts of it . . .

All of that recognized as the granularity of 'real-politik', GCI has nonetheless argued from the outset that it is ideological not to make the 'well tempered' assumption.


Important as 'equal rights' per se are or may be to some, unless we 'well temper' global emissions rights as 'equal', pre-calculating emissions control-rates globally frameworking them full-term, UNFCCC-Compliance is simply not possible.
i.e. if we do not choose a 'framework' based on making this assumption, we remain stuck in a process of real-politik distorted by socio-economic 'guesswork'. In the politics of climate change, this is often compared to roulette or 'picking numbers out of a hat'.

An obvious truth consistently ignored.

This is obvioulsy true when, as 'business-as-usual' time runs forward, the amount of carbon available for the contraction-event needed for UNFCCC-Compliance is shrinking and needs constantly to be revised downwards to reflect this as a result.

As the last 30 years have tended to demonstrate, use of this roulette-model has been progressively decreasing the odds of UNFCCC-Compliance, while increasing the odds of the 'looming climate catastrophe for mankind' alluded to by Sir David King at the IEA in January 2016. Consequently, as we accelerate out of control towards the 'event-horizon' of global carbon consumption the other side of which is the 'irreversibility' of runaway rates of climate change, the strength of the well tempering proposal increases.

Provocatively, GCI argued in IPCC Second Assessment in 1994 that, intentionally or not, the reality of this roulette was revealed as the 'economics of genocide' as it was cheaper to kill people than solve the problem. Solving the problem means choosing the C&C framework over guesswork and this is incontestably a non-ideological choice.

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Core Question
(Sacred/Secular - the ultimate false dichotomy?)

Does order come from chaos or does chaos come from order? By putting the question 'sequentially', there's a danger of creating another false dichotomy here.
Like everything else, being inter-active they are two sides of the same coin. But is the deepest danger creating a false dichotomy between the 'secular' & the 'sacred'?

It is a fundamental question. John Archibald Wheeler and Richard Feynman both seem to recognize this question goes back to the unitary fundamentals of providence ('it').

Music & the Core Question

Beyond C&C, people sometimes ask, "coping with climate change - what has music got to do with it?" . . . as with life itself, its another good question.

Music is guided by what Stephen Hawking has called the first instance of theoretical physics. This is where the 3-in-2-in-1 'trinity' commutes 'perfectly' or rationally in the 'hemiola' or the stringularity law. However, in common with many other physicists who routinely cite Pythagoras, perhaps like Pythagoras himself Hawking's reference draws well short of recognizing the profound structural implications of this 'instance', as it is also from where uniquely irrational 'Phi' is generated.

So it is worth flagging a few key factors here: -

  • irrational numbers are not chaotic (i.e. numbers picked chaotically out of a hat),
  • they always calculate the same, without limit and never repeating any pattern (here is 'Phi' to the first 20,000 decimal places)
  • 'Phi' (0.618) is generated by the Pythagorean Comma (the growing gap between 12 Perfect 5ths 1.5^12 and 12 Well Tempered 5ths 1.4983070768^12)
  • It emerges at the 'Phi' point between steps 12 & 13 of measuring the 'Pythagorean Comma'
  • In a 'neg entropic' decay curve that ultimately settles around 0.666
  • which is the second sub-division to the 'third state' in the integral-trinity of 'stringularity'
    (i.e. whatever else it may or may not be, its not the same as saying 'the third way', as above).

Enquiring to this level may help better to reveal why: -

  • after 30 years of a disastrous climate-strategy,
  • of chaotically picking numbers out of a hat,
  • in the face of a growing existential threat
  • because of the potentially massive scale of climate loss and damages,

'stringularity' giving rise to 'Phi' as the basis of the 'musical C&C-methodology', remains robust, widely supported, unchanged & fundamentally unchallengable.

The stringularity law gives rise to the 3-2-1 'Hemiola' a Trinity of Wholeness

The Hemiola gives rise to 'Phi' the Golden Rate (0.618 to 20,000 places) & the Golden Spirals (spin with angular momentum at 'Phi').

As expressions of Nature's 'torque' (or spin), the dynamic force of these spirals is in evidence at all scales across the universe.

The 'functionality' of cause & effect that emerges from these simple numbers gives rise to an evolutionary process that embraces chance, change & what we think of as 'choice'. However, governed by 'Phi' and so within this very functionality, an organically goal-focused tendency to integrate, self-limit, self-structure, & resolve is also embraced.

In other words like music, life itself is also evolitionary. This fundamentally countervails not only 'randomness' but also the fully interlocking geometric ratios of 'rigidity'. It is this potency of the rates of 'evolition' that is supple, nested and resilient and that reshapes the merely entropic tendency to expand, freeze, dissipate and disintegrate.

Thus the goal-focused neg-entropic potency of 'Phi' is embedded at the heart of creation and fundamental to why the universe, its diversity (including 'us') exists in the first place. It is also embedded in the 'Well Tempered Climate Accord' and this is therefore fundamentally relevant to UNFCCC-Compliance.

All from the 'Hemiola' - and the truly awe-inspiring 'Phi' . . .

Another view . . .

What all this is really saying is that the 'dichotomy', whether between

  • the sacred & the secular and/or
  • the left & the right
  • etc

ultimately offers a choice that is false.

Here is a string audio-visual tuned to three octave of well-tempered semitones (touch on-screen buttons)