For some years there has been a 'debate' about 'ideological assumptions' in this matter of UNFCCC-Compliance.

From the outset 'Contraction and Convergence ('C&C') faced a charge led by John Ashton of the UK Foreign
and Commonwealth Office (FCO): - "C&C is compelling yet at its heart lurks a contestable ideological assumption."

'assumption' turned out to be 'equal per capita emissions as rights' . . .

GCI has argued from the outset that it is ideological not to make that assumption.
The reason is straightforward, if we don't make that assumption, we simply cannot model compliance.

And what we are left with has been described as irrational - like 'picking numbers out of a hat' - with inevitably diminishing prospects of UNFCCC-Compliance, as the last thirty years have continually demonstrated.

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