Since 1990 GCI has well-tempered the focus on UNFCCC-Compliance with C&C

Carney Climate Lecture (Reith 4) proposes "first best option" . . . ?

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C&C or Doing Enough Soon Enough for UNFCCC-Compliance is, like
playing in time & in turn in music. It means Equity Equals Survival.


In December 1997, a C&C-based way-ahead was debated in the final session of COP-3,
with strong interest from India, China the Africa Group the USA. The United States stated,
"C&C contains elements for the agreement that we may ultimately all seek to engage in."

In 2009, Adair Turner, then Chairman of UK Climate Change Committee,
told the Parliament that C&C is the basis of the UK Climate Act


A renewed call for global-leadership from the UK has been stated in the Times.
in the preparations for COP-26 in December 2021. These are now well under way.

Minister Alok Sharma now works full-time in preparation for this. He made a good
start presiding over the UK emissions-target change, as shown in the chart below.

"The first best option" Reith Lecture 4 - Mark Carney

Subject to this global cap, Mark Carney says the best solution from a pure economic perspective in terms of a global price on carbon
would be a per capita price on carbon. If you emitted above the global per capita average you pay into a fund & if you were below
you draw out of it so a country like India would be a net recipient relative to that, but we would all face the same equivalent carbon price.

How this is calculated in the light of where we all have come from (Data CDIAC) and the UNFCCC-Compliance now needed.
Details of the international 'carbon-debt' from 1750 are here. These are relevant to an agreement for UNFCCC-Compliance.

It is a beautifully simple proposal of which Mark Carney said, "that's first best."

Professor Raghuram Rajan from Chicago and the Chinese Government have proposed this.

The Rajan proposal is rational and embraces a range of proposals from: -