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At COP-26 Minister Alok Sharma presided.
e UK emissions-target is shown in the chart below.

The crisis/challenge as it now is 

"The first best option"
Reith Lecture 4 - Mark Carney

Mark Carney says the best solution from a pure economic perspective would be a per capita price on carbon.
If you emitted above the global per capita average you pay into a fund & if you were below you draw out of it.
If we all faced the same carbon price globally.

The Rajan-Carney Global Carbon Incentive with replacement renewables added

How the Rajan Global Carbon Incentive Proposal works

UNFCCC-Compliance has been at the heart of this story since the UNFCCC was agreed at UNCED-2 in Rio in 1992 and ratified into force at COP-1 in Berlin in 1995.
The objective of the UNFCCC is stabilising GHG concentrations in the atmopshere on the principles of precaution and equity.

GCI has made the point since COP-2 in 1996 that the danger exists of secondary positive feedback emissions-effects are likely to accelerate the rates of global climate change.
By 2020 this had proved to be the case faster than orthodox climate modlelling had believed possible.


GCI created this heuristic (dowload & open in Adobe Acrobat) comparing the risks, the asks and the offers.

The dangers are now acute and without precedent.