International Support for the C&C Principle

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Given the now critical state of play in 2019, the simple full-term C&C logic needs to be brought to bear in less than twenty years

After 30 years, it is now very late in the day, which means their very little time left

Here is the carbon budget for 115 Gt C from IPCC SR 1.5 that was stressed by Greta Thunberg at the UN recently. With a 66% chance of limiting
overall temperature rise to 1.5┬░ with a carbon budget of 115 Gt C. Here that is compared with slower heavier carbon budget that have worse odds.

Making all odds/carbon-budget weight-rates (CBWR) a function of the 400% increase in the estimates of ‘Additional Warming’ in column one of Table 2.2
makes CBW values beyond 130 Gt C increasingly arbitrary. It is no wonder that carbon-budget weight-rates inflate so rapidly in Table 2.2.

This is simply playing the odds & trying to be all things to all people (from oil companies to climate strikers) with carbon budgets (path-integrals)
from 22 Gt C to 625 Gt C between 2021 to 2116 that goes well beyond the temperatures implied by the two reference temperatures (!).

Here is table 2.2

Below is the overall context into which this 115 Gt Carbon budget fits.

Sadly, this shows conclusively that the IPCC has really become part of the problem now. With the acceleration in the rise of temperature
& atmosphere CO2 concentrations already evident, we’re practically timed out now, making the Alliance for UNFCC-Compliance crucial.