Unrivalled Support for C&C

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International support for the C&C Principle

After 21 years the C&C principle is a widely recognized as 'an over-arching principle' for
'Climate Governance' & UNFCCC-compliance. Click on images below to access documents.


More significant high-level support for C&C here: -

The 'endorsements-page' is split-up by category into separate pages. This reports both the
volume and the diversity of attention C&C now receives. This is evidence supporting claims that
C&C is now the most widely cited & arguably the most widely & diversely supported model
in the UN negotiations on climate change & the debates these have given rise to.

Pages are arranged with [& can be visited at] the category headings below.
There is some overlapping and these headings will become more diverse.

According to Chris Rose, ex Campaigns Director for Greenpeace,
10 factors have made it hard to campaign effectively ‘on climate’.

  1. Scientists defined the issue;
  2. Governments ran off with it;
  3. NGOs adopted secondary roles;
  4. The issue had no public;
  5. The media were left to define the issue in visual terms;
  6. Governments soft pedalled on the issue;
  7. Scientists led calls for education of the public;
  8. Many NGOs tried to make the UNFCCC ‘work’;
  9. Others tried to connect it with “bigger issues”;
  10. There was no common proposition.

He writes,

"only Aubrey Meyer father of ‘contraction and convergence’,
managed to penetrate this remote citadel. NGOs could prioritise
climate change but were always stuck in someone else’s game."

Why Campaigning on Climate is Difficult: Chris Rose

NGOs were 'stuck in someone else's game'? Chris could be right about that & it is
noteworthy it is him saying that. However, the comment about C&C really says this: -

Once the need for UNFCCC-compliance is seen everything becomes clear.
is obviously a 'shot-gun wedding' where 'climate-change' is the father
with a loaded gun and a stop-watch. So C&C is obviously the only
resolution, or 'common wedded-position'.


In organising the ‘GOAL FOCUS’ needed for UNFCCC-COMPLIANCE,

From Ideology to Teleology for UNFCCC-compliance

Summary some C&C support from government, institutional and individual sources [2008]
Collected C&C support from government, institutional and individual sources [2008]
Special C&C support from institutional and individual sources [2008]
Organisations some C&C support [2002]
Individuals some C&C support [2002]
Individuals some GCI support [2002]
Collected C&C resources and support from government, institutional and individual sources [2008]
Special GCI C&Csupport [2003