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The global framework to correct the climate crisis is simple.
It is the rational basis of the UN Climate Convention
. . . .

    1. address the inequity of the past by acknowledging the now huge historic carbon-debt
    2. address the massive structural advantage directly obtained through this unethical process
    3. recognize the double-jeopardy this creates for all children and declare global climate emergency
    4. then invite all present & future parents & children to seek resolution of this double-jeopardy
    5. sharing fairly & rationally on an ‘equal per capita basis’,
    6. the global carbon budget that’s left, within the time that's left.

      Argued since 1990, in a phrase this is called ‘Contraction & Convergence’ (C&C)
      or 'The Well Tempered Climate Accord'. It has unrivalled support globally.

      As C&C became the basis of the UK’s ‘Global Climate Act’,
      John Gummer (now CCC Chair) & Zac Goldsmith said in 2008, “C&C is morally & intellectually coherent”.

      Former CCC Chair Adair Turner said,“The UK Climate Act is C&C & Convergence must be accelerated relative to Contraction.”

      Now the UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove says, "collective action can make a profound difference”.


    Since 1996 the Global Commons Institute has said,
    given the sheer enormity of the historic carbon-debt (zoomable pdf)
    accelerating the future rate of international convergence
    relative to the global rate of carbon contraction
    is self-evidently a rational precondition of
    a UNFCCC-compliant global agreement.

    This means the global per capita average of
    future carbon consumption needs to be calculated
    as a reference-path, so future ‘carbon-entitlements’
    are national-populations times that reference value.
    Doing this addresses the history of both the
    randomness & the inequity of 'expansion & divergence'
    in carbon-consumption patterns globally since 1750.

    A rational global foundation of ‘equity in adversity’
    is self-evidently a necessary precondition of survival.

    As the UNFCCC Secretariat said at COP 9,
    “contraction & convergence is inevitably required for CO2 stabilization (UNFCCC-Compliance)”.