Symmetry Binding Properties from Stringularity are fundamental . . .

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'Stringularity' . . . or the 'hemiola', a simple but significant idea . . .

Length/1 = Hz*1 . . . i.e. a Fundamental &
Length/2 = Hz*2 . . . i.e. a Perfect Octave (a doubling) &
Length/3 = Hz*3 . . . i.e.
a Perfect Fifth (a trebling) . . .

Music from the 'feedback' of bounded waves . . .

This leads to the Pythagorean Comma

7 Perfect Octaves & 12 Perfect 5ths (PF) are
2^7=*128* : 1.5^12=129.7463379 i.e. they don't commute
Revealing the Pythagorean Comma (PC) = 1.7463379 . . . .

However . . .

7 Perfect Octaves & 12 Well-Tempered 5ths (WTF) are
2^7=*128* : 12^1.4983070768=*128* i.e. they do commute
Removing the Pythagorean Comma=0.

Feeding back differences between PF & WTF leads to Phi - as here. . . (also for now) . . .

The differences between 12 PF & 12 WTF fed-back on themselves is 'symmetry-binding'
and leads to 'Phi' at the Phi-Point between steps 12 & 13 of the PC.

The Well Tempered Clavichord

In music, Well-Tempered-Tuning (WTT) results in 'equal temperament' where all 12 semitones
the octave being equal, playing in all keys is possible because all are 'equally in-tune'.

The classic statement of this WTT-Principle is the Well Tempered Clavichord of J S Bach.
Approaching 2022, the 300-year anniversary of this, Bach now has almost God-like status.

The Well Tempered Climate Accord

For that reason C&C is 'The Well Tempered Climate Accord' (WTCA) & that is why the model works.

It commutes. 2022 is an auspicious year to consolidate a WTCA-based global climate agreement.

Tao Te King of Lao-Tzi also leads to Phi - as shown (below)

WTT is Pure Dao - the 84 verses of the Tao Te King
where 7 (Perfect Octaves) * 12 (Perfect Fifths) = 84

Choose Life


John Archibald Wheeler

”It is my opinion that everything must be based on a simple idea
and it is my opinion that this idea, once we have finally discovered it,
will be so compelling, so beautiful, that we will say to one another,
yes, how could it have been any different.”


10 short notes on source, causation and consequence . . .

Phi derivation is from Stringularity and the properties of the well-tempered principle

The Pythagorean Comma (PC) reveals the Well-Tempered Principle & Phi.
This calculation in Hertz (Hz) reveals fundamental integration at: -

  1. Phi:Pi equivalence in time-space
  2. Phi:Alpha in Fine Structure Constant (FSC) equivalence
  3. Symmetry-breaking to Symmetry-bonding in PC-Phi derivation
  4. Phi:Pi:in structual shaping of double-helix DNA.

    Aside from the deep origins of where this journey really begins,
    in 1990 came the Well Tempered Climate Accord (C&C),
    a science-policy/strategy model that works (it commutes).

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1. Note - Integrating this is pure Pythagoras & Lao Tse

This is pure Tao Te King - 84 (verses) = 7 (Perfect Octaves) * 12 (Fifths)
which generates the identical curve to the differences between 12 Perfect
& 12 Well-Tempered 5ths, fed back on themselves leading from Phi back to zero,
in the 12 steps of the Pythagorean Comma deceleration curve, derived from a
source-code that is 'symphonic' - the rate:ratios of Stringularity.

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2. Note - Greek letter 'Alpha' denotes Fine-Structure-Constant (FSC)

Greek letter 'Alpha' is the symbol used for the Fine Structure Constant (FSC).
FSC is the value of the photon-electron exchange.

PC-Phi:Alpha equivalence is significant as this exchange is fundamental to life.
Simple, beautiful and compelling, it occurs in: -

  • photosynthesis (atmosphere CO2 + ground H2O + light or photons coming in from the sun)
  • & the generation of photo-electricity (as in photo-electric cells for example).

3. Note - The Immortal Coil?

Richard Dawkins is the author of 'The Selfish Gene' & 'The God Delusion'.

It is interesting to note that he's taken to calling the DNA double-helix 'The Immortal Coil' and also
that he now talks of 'The Cooperative Gene' (in the 40th Anniversary edition of 'The Selfish Gene').

As we all 'shuffle off this mortal coil', like Richard, DNA is not immortal. However, the 'Phi:Pi' stringularity source of his
'Immortal Coil'
is, suggesting that the origin of life, the universe & everything has stucture & is not simply chaotic.

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4. Note - A simple idea? Past Future Perceptions . . .

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5. Note - Blue-Shift Red-Shift are observed from the Phi-Point

As a feature of the Symmetry Binding Properties from Stringularity,
the observation-point for red-shifting/blue-shifting shown above is revealing.

In this representation of the space-time model, the future travels towards the
observer while the past travels away with the observer always at the Phi-point.

It is corroborated by Fluminescence with 'Phi at Green'.

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Ecology - like the Well-Tempered Climate Accord -
is not short-term or long-term, it is full-term.

So the 'musical derivation of Phi' is an immortal constant where
n the full-term the observed & the observer are one. (Tat Twam Asi).

6. Note - Colin Challen and 'An Incontestable Truth' . . .

Colin Chaired the All Party Parliamentary Climate change Group
(APPCCG) 2005-2010. As a member of the Select Environmental
Audit Committee, he became persuaded of the C&C argument.

In 2009 the APPCCG issued a DVD about C&C. As a provocation
with considerable confidence, it was called, "An Incontestable Truth,

the irreducible response to climate change."

This was an understandable reaction to years of distraction
generated in Parliament & beyond through Government: -

  • making blatantly ideological claims about C&C and then
  • whilst claiming to seek UNFCCC-Compliance, continuing
  • arbitrarily to pick numbers out of arrays of conflicting hats.

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C&C is also known as The Well Tempered Climate Accord (WTCA).
WTCA uses the equalization of semi-tones discussed on this page
as the equalization of carbon-rights per capita globally.

As in music, this is done as the result is the model works at all rates of C&C;
here is a sample of a million possible rates.

7. Note - This goes to the very heart of who & what & why we are.

In the light of realizations arising from applying the well-tempered process (WTP)
as a measurement methodology (as referenced on this page), analysing the
derivation of fundamentals this way has simplicity but also has authority.

If it cannot be proven to be wrong and in the event of the failure to do that,
this simple idea should be considered & understood for the significance it bears.

This goes beyond the orginal purposes for which WTP was brought to bear, music
& Climate change (WTCA). It goes to the heart of who & what & how & why we are.

8. Note - The original Well Tempered Climate Accord

The original Well Tempered Climate Accord (WTCA) was introduced at COP-2
to UNFCCC climate negotiations in 1996. It, remains stable because of the
application of Well Tempering to the model. As in music - & this is the
fundamental real-world point - the model doesn't guess, it actually 'works'.

9. Note - Art:Science cross-over?

For fun this was submitted to the RAA Summer Exhibition
as a response to their theme, 'Art & Climate Change'.

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Introduced to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
in 1996 & widely supported thereafter. “The whole idea came from a violinist.
It's a superb example of how the arts have put a great idea on the international stage.”

John Vidal, Chairing an Ashden Theatres Trust Conference.

10. Note - Morally & intellectually coherent?

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