GLOBAL CO2 Emissions from Fossil Fuel & Land Use Changes
All country Accumulated International
CREDITS &/or DEBITS 1750 to 2013....
& Future global carbon constraints set by the Paris Agreement to the UNFCCC

This all country global accounting exercise (1750-2013) is vast & after two year of preparation now complete (28/06/17).
Future carbon budgeting consistent with 'Paris Agreement' is now increasingly widely supported with UK court action now pending

* brief summary of the story from 1990 to 2017 behind the action in the UK High Court



From 1750 to 2013 & forward to 2050, by country & at each point in time (by year), carbon-shares are calculated in relation to the global per capita average amount of emissions in each of those years. This defines the international per capita average of carbon consumption as a global reference standard over that time.

The extent of carbon CREDIT and/or DEBIT internationally accumulated since 1750 is recorded in the country charts and tables at the regional links here: -


From this global reference standard, we can quantify and compare international carbon consumption per unit time over: -

Past emissions data comes primarily from CDIAC (Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre - US Government);
Population data comes from various sources (principally from the World Bank);
Future carbon budget integrals to meet the temperature targets in the 'Paris Agreement' come from the IPCC AR5 Synthesis Report.

A short explantation of each element of the global analysis that has been done for each country