GLOBAL Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuels & Land Use Changes

CREDITS &/or DEBITS 1750 to 2013
Future global carbon constraints as per the Paris Agreement to the UNFCCC


Climate-damages are tortious and litigation is already happening on a growing basis. The analysis here is intended to inform that effort.
The extent of carbon CREDIT and/or DEBIT internationally accumulated since 1750 is recorded in the country charts and tables at the links here: -


As argued in Blueprint, from 1750 to 2013 & forward, by country & at each point in time (by year), carbon-shares are well-tempered to the global per capita average amount of emissions in that year. Defining as a reference, the international per capita average of carbon consumption globally, this quantifies the history and the future of people and carbon consumption per unit time over: -

  • the 'PAST', a period of emissions and what happened randomly 1750-2013 &
  • the 'FUTURE', a period of emissions and what needs to happen 2014-2050 for UNFCCC-compliance.

    where: -

  • if actual emissions were above that average, the country as a whole was debiting the global account.
  • If actual emissions were below that average, the country as a whole was crediting this global account.

  • past emissions data comes from CDIAC (Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre - US Government).
  • population data comes various sources (principally from the World Bank).
  • future carbon budget integrals come from the IPCC AR5 Synthesis Report.