All Life Aspires to the Condition of Music


Remembering my dear friend & fellow-Pythagoras-devotee Jelle Hielkema, who passed away on January 16th 2019.
Here is his logo, animating the 'Phi-rich' pentagon/decagon/spiral underlying the structure of the DNA double helix for example.
As here, all the concentric rings of the DNA molecule overview decrease at a constant 61.8%.

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Pythagoras' most quoted comment is, "all is number".

Pythagoras' most famous experiment is the, 'String-Experiment' showing the first recorded measurement of space/time.

This is the basis of generating the 'Symmetry-Binding' property of 'Phi' derivation from the 'Pythagorean Comma'.
Like this, the massless '0' to the non-massless 0.618.... show 'Phi' at the 'Phi-Point' on a curve . . . .

Here's Brian Greene explaining how the 'Symmetry-Binding' properties of 'Phi' saves the standard model of Physics . . .