The Unifying principle - Equity equals Survival

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The joys, hopes, heartbreaks & grief of human destiny wave 'fluministically' (as rates) within an order predetermined (as ratios).
With a 'golden thread' between Phi & zero, music returns us to the existential equity of 'force-majeure' & the instinct for survival.
Another example of the power of 'Phi' in music.

The Phi Curve
is created from the Force-Majeure of the Harmonic Series

The Beatles said they were bigger than Jesus with their iconic-primal scream. However, within 7 octaves (2^7) & 12 Perfect 5ths (1.5^12),
as force-majeure (an Act of God), the derivation of 'Phi' from the diatonic-functionality of this is bigger & yet also smaller than everything.

Click and listen.

Phi is created as a Golden Thread from the Pythagorean Comma, which in turn is created from the Harmonic Series

Click image below and a user-controlled working spreadsheet appears to show that whatever control value is entered, the value of Phi always results as step 12.618

This is a link to that user-chooser audio-visual enabling demonstration/animation/modulation using 12 semi-tones-per-octave (chromatic) harmony over three octaves (100, 200, 400, 800 Hz).

The Fine Structure Constant is created from the Harmonic Series

Click and see that Phi (Golden Section) and Alpha (the Fine Structure Constant) closely related always appear at 137.5° and 137.0° or at steps 12.618 and 13.0 of the Pythagorean Comma.

The Double Helical Structure of DNA is derived from Phi created from the Harmonic Series

Further corroboration is the double-helical structure of the DNA molecule, brilliantly predicted by Rosalin Franklin, is rich in Phi proportions both in side view & in cross-section.

There are endless wave-particle uncertainties/dualities/probabilities/dilemmas at the 'quantum-observation/measurement-dilemma'.
These translate as structural-certainties at atomic & DNA-molecular level when understood as a function of the Unifying Principle.

Symmetry Binding is revealed by the Harmonic Series

On the introduction of the Higg's-Boson (the 'gravity particle'), the symmetry-binding properties of Phi
restores functionality to the 'standard model'

The Well Tempered Climate Accord (C&C) is created from the Harmonic Series

These elide with the 'Well Tempered Climate Accord', originally known as contraction & convergence
This is the musical basis upon which we may yet flow to do enough soon enough,
to avoid the looming climate catastrophe that follows if we don't.

In 2020 the UK revised its rates of emissions reductions in line with its preparations for COP- 26.

The C&C Principle & Doing Enough Soon Enough is fundamental to UNFCCC-Compliance
Preparations for COP-26 can succeed when and if this Principle is openly understood.