Well Tempering & the musical derivation of the wonderous 'Phi' (0.618)

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Material explored here seeks to explore and answer Schrodinger's question, 'What is Life'
This is about 'consciousness' & the paradigm in which 'understanding' and 'perceptions' occur.

This is feedback-related and it involves string-player's (per-unit-time) reasoning' thus: -

Phi-Folding in space time. We can never 'see' this.
We can only read significance in it's effects, as far as humans can 'see-hear-touch-feel' those.

Detailed Pi-Phi-equivalence-derivation chart shown here

  1. Stephen Hawking drew well short of recognizing the significance of Pythagoras String Experiment
  2. The symmetry-binding-derivation of 'Phi' from the Pythagorean Comma
  3. Symmetry-binding at the Phi-Point between steps 12 & 13 of the Pythagorean Comma 1
  4. Symmetry-binding at the 'Phi-Point' between steps 12 & 13 of the Pythgorean Comma 2
  5. Symmetry-binding derivation of Phi rescues Standard-Model when Higgs Particle is added
  6. Phi-rich Pentagons
  7. Phi created the integers
  8. Happy Phi:Pi Day
  9. Phi All Life
  10. Phi:Pi - governs orbits of Earth Venus and Sun
  11. Phi:Pi - governs DNA double-helix molecule
  12. Phi is at the structural core of DNA
  13. Phi:Pi - Khufu
  14. Phi:Pi - Squaring the Circle
  15. Phi:Pi - Schwarzchild Radius
  16. Eternity & golden spiralling electrons
  17. A Beautiful Model (Limits to Growth)
  18. Path-Integral
  19. Much more detail about this is forthcoming