In 2016 DECC admitted Feedback Omission

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Recently Geoff Beacon released a letter to him from DECC (dated April 2016)
about the feedback omissions in preparations for IPCC AR5 (published 2015).

Geoff writes the 'Brussels Blog'. This valuable & detailed platform covers topics
connected with climate change, including matters to do with omitted feedbacks.

This admission from Government corrects all the denials by the UKMO in their
evidence to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (2009/13).

The ludicrous result of UKMO et al denying that feedbacks had been omitted from the climate-modelling
during the preparation of IPCC AR5, was this attempt to reverse-engineer feedbacks onto scenario RCP 8.5
after the fact as represented by this IPCC chart published in 2015 after AR5 was published.

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Here it is analysed by GCI.
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UKMO et al published the RCP 8.5 carbon-emissions/concentrations scenario shown below.

Radiative Forcing (≈ temperature) was projected as 12.5°C; CO2 concentration as 1,962 ppmv by 2200.
Nature magazine pointed out that this was equivalent to the Permian Extinction when 95% of life-forms died.

In IPCC 5th Assessment (AR5 2015), temperature rise had been 'adjusted' to somewhere between 12.5°C & 2.5°C by 2500! 
This is a vividly vast level of ‘uncertainty’. It came from the Coupled-Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP).

Here it is analysed by Peter Carter.
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And here it is again as the basis of future work in the fortchcoming IPCC AR6

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This was all admitted and then denied by UKMO in 2013