COP-2 UNFCCC 1996 - First Call for 'Climate Emergency'

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Calling for a declaration of climate-emergency, GCI published the first version of this article in 1996 in Geneva at COP-2 UNFCCC.
It argued the case for C&C. Peer reviewed, it was published in 1999 in this volume from Springer Verlag.

The article included these words . . .

I. Core tasks for achieving "Contraction and Convergence"


1: Recognise the prevention of dangerous climate change as an essential global security interest.
The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions shall be regarded as an essential global security interest for humanity.

RATIONALE AND POLICY IMPLICATIONS This proposal generalises the accepted concept of "essential security interest" to the whole of humanity.
The gravity of global climate change is greater than the essential security interests of any nation and fundamental to the maintenance of
international peace and security during the coming century.

This justifies the urgent development of measures proposed in this protocol and places a duty on governments to regard climate change as an international emergency.
This also means that action may be taken to secure the use of sustainable technology for the benefit of humanity in much the same way as governments may protect
the use of military technology under the Security Exceptions for intellectual property rights as set out in Article 73 of Annex 1C of the Final Act of the Uruguay Round
of Multilateral Trade Negotiations as well as national security legislation.


As it met inter-alia the criteria of the bi-partisan Byrd Hagel Resolution of the US Senate (Passed 95-0)!
C&C was agreed in principle at COP-3 (without the UK)!