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For my dear friend & fellow-Pythagoras-devotee Jelle Hielkema, who passed away on January 16th 2019.
This is his logo - it animates the Pythagorean 'Phi-rich' pentagon that he absolutely loved.

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His lovely Rainbow website is here. A recent version of his 'Natural Theory of Dealism' is here.
He rang me in London in 2011 & we co-wrote 'Pythagoras Renewed for Our Common Global Future'.

Jelle was always appreciating the unifying threads of our common past, and highlighting the diverse but unifying themes in our common future.

He was a great & generous supporter of C&C & the development of CBAT.

At his invitation, we only met face-to-face once. It was here at the quite magical NEMI.
NEMI is just south of Rome, where he lived - the eternal city as lovingly he would always say.

Here are Jelle Hielkema, John Caddy, Lynda McDonald & Aubrey Meyer
at the crater-lake 'NEMI' on Lynda's birthday 21 February 2012.

Much loved by his many many friends and admirers, Jelle is now sorely missed by all of us.
His funeral is today 09 03 2019 in Santi Michele e Magno Rome the Church of the Frisians

Jelle was fond of quoting John Archibald Wheeler . . . ”it is my opinion that everything must be based on a simple idea and it is my opinion that this idea, once we have finally discovered it, will be so compelling, so beautiful, that we will say to one another, yes, how could it have been any different.”

Laurie Barlow of Greensward Civitas points out, "to further complicate things, Bohm has clearly laid out how consciousness triggers explicate events out of implicate possibilities, which are infinite and follow the 'folding' of Phi. We choose its direction when we observe, and it unfolds according to its nature. Millions of unfolding potentials every second reveal how powerful our intents and purposes can be if we harness them in favor of life."

Bohm explicates, we're implicated with 'intentions & purposes' (and so it's complicated) . . .
Actually that's quite an awesome idea, yet at core it's all so beautifully simple . . . .

Is choice whether we are on the outside going in, or on the inside going out; who knows?
Is it like turning the universe inside out out. Is it the same loop between Mashallah & Inshallah?


Do flights of angels sometimes sing us lullabies to sleep . . . ?