Court Action has now been initiated because HMG refuse to align their carbon reduction target with the Paris Agreement
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  1. All Country CREDIT DEBIT (1750-2020)
  2. C&C first 20 years
  3. EAC Carbon Budget Enquiries
  4. C&C is Embedded in 'CBAT', the Carbon Budget Analysis Tool
  5. Global Warming is Accelerating
  6. Sinks shrinking
  7. Collaboration with Plan-B
  8. Submission to the Talanoa Dialogue
  9. Damages Liabilities
  10. Judicial Review
  11. The irrationality of delay - the case in a Nutshell
  12. Judicial Review - Update
  13. Speech
  14. Judicial Review - Second Update
  15. HMG dodgy statistics 
  16. Sane Safe Fair - Why does HMG insist on a UK CO2 share >3 times its equal share?
  17. IPCC Miracle for AR6 - more carbon equals less temperature
  18. Assumptions (ideology vs logic)
  19. 'Dominance' (Music) - the 'seminal derivation' of 'Phi'
  20. Eternity
  21. A Beautiful Model