Safe Sane Fair? What role did the UK have in causing the climate crisis

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Although on gross emissions the US is at least ten times worse than the UK, there are questions as to how is liability and responsibility assessed and whether this should this be reassessed?

For primarily ideological reasons the UK Government insists on having & keeping over 3 times
its global CO2 share of what is safe, sane & fair to the innocent 3rd Parties of changing climate.

The UK constantly & falsely claims 'global leadership' on climate change.
Here are several examples where - refuting that - the UK CO2 emissions (1750-2013) at 21 Gt C,

are graphically compared with: -

  1. Latin America as a whole (half the UK)
  2. Central America as a whole (a quarter of the UK)
  3. Carribean Islands (210 times less than the UK)
  4. Africa as a whole (half the UK)
  5. India as a whole (half the UK)
  6. West & Central Asia as a whole (same as the UK)
  7. Oceania as a whole (one tenth the UK) - but check 'The Gizzard of Oz'
  8. South & South East Asia as a whole (same as the UK)

Like the UK, the US share is also four times its equal share, but it is ten times the emissions total of the UK . . . .

The Chinese on the other hand with a population

  • 4 times the size of the US and
  • 23 times the size of the UK

    have used just 40% of their globally equal share