John Vidal.

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No scheme is perfect, but I am convinced that C&C is the most practical and politically realistic proposal there is given the extreme urgency of the situation

John Vidal
Environment Editor
The Guardian


'The whole idea of contraction and convergence came from a violinist.
It's a superb example of how the arts has put a great idea on the international stage.'

John Vidal
Ashden Theatres Trust Conference

In continuing the effort towards perfection,
music has continued as a seminal influence in this whole campaign.

From C&C Campaigns

John Vidal did the lobbying and the spade-work that led to this award


Aubrey Meyer -
Guardian Hero 2008

"Can a 60-year-old South African violinist living in a flat in Willsesden, north London, actually change the world? It’s a serious question because the odds are increasing that over the next two years rich and poor countries will come round to Aubrey Meyer's way of thinking if they are to negotiate a half-decent global deal to reduce climate change emissions.

The long years of single-minded lobbying mean that Meyer’s idea now has some powerful backers, including, in Britain, the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. 180 MPs have supported it in an Early Day Motion, and the government, equivocal so far, is moving towards a version of it. It has become official policy in India, China and most African countries, Germany and India are expected to run with it in UN meetings. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has backed C&C publicly.

Other proposals are emerging and it will take two more years to thrash out a system that will please everyone. But few have the elegance of C&C. It's the least unfair of all the proposals that have been put forward,” Meyer says. It secures survival by correcting both fatal poverty and fatal climate change in the same arrangement.”

Meyer still plays the violin every day, but seldom with an orchestra.
“I just did not realise that it would take quite so long to change the world,” he says.”