Supporting the Completeness Theorem

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The self-referential nature of the completeness theorem is that it is true at any & at all scales.
Moreover, the Phi-derivation remains constant starting from any reference value (see model).

The 'Completeness Theorem' enables all the derivatives of diversity.

Emerging at all scales of space and time, these are correlated and demonstrated below.
From the constancy of stringularity significant issues are signalled, integrating:

  1. [a] Positive and [b] negative entropy and [c] Phi

    [a] pushes outwards accelerating
    [b] pulls inwards decelerating

  2. Symmetry-breaking and symmetry-binding

    [a] is symmetry-breaking
    [b] symmetry binding

  3. [d] Indeterminism and [e] Determinism,

    [d] is more positive entropy than [e]
    [e] is more negative entropy than [e]

  4. [f] Synchronicity and [g] Sequentiality,

    [f] as the completeness theorem is 'source'
    [g] is-are the sequential consequences of [f]

  5. [h] Universality [i] locality and [k] entanglement

    [h] is the same as [f]
    [h] precedes [i] and makes [k] inevitable

  6. The context for the values of [j] Pi [k] Phi & [l] Alpha,

    [j] is integral to [k] at Pythagorean Comma Step 12.618
    [l] is at Pythagorean Comma Step 13

  7. Instability and stability in the Standard Model of Physics,

    The symmetry Binding properties of Phi-Derivation were used to restabilise
    the Standard Model when gravity (the Higg's Boson) was discovered & introduced.

  8. The double-helix structure of the DNA molecule,

  9. and that from Phyllotaxis to galaxies weather systems to DNA to sub atomic particle decay,

  10. Phi-governed Dynamic Spiral-Structures (DSS) are ubiquitous throughout Nature.

  11. All musicians and particularly string players (e.g. Albert Einstein) have for eons,
    gratefully depended on the stringularity of space-time daily in practice and play.


    As for ‘avoiding extinction’ from Climate Change . . . well it underlies C&C,
    “The Well-Tempered Climate Accord” and then some.


There'n not much time left to achieve UNFCCC-Compliance now: -

What we need is an inclusive transparent full-term international strategy based on sharing the global commons

"A superb example of how the arts put a great idea on the international stage."
John Vidal, Chairing an Ashden Theatres Trust Conference (+/- 2009)