Avoiding Dangerous Climate change

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"We chose one of the many possible options for the international regime of of differentiating future commitments [post 2012]: the Contraction and Convergence approach. It is selected here as it is a widely known and transparent approach that defines emissions allowances on the basis of convergence of per capita emissions allowances [starting after 2012] of all countries [including the USA] under a contracting global emissions pathway (Meyer 2000)."

Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change
Schellnhuber, Cramer, Nakicenovic, Tom Wigley, Gary Yohe

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Dear Aubrey

Yes, you can add my name.

Good luck with this...  the devil is in the details, and the falacy of scale lies therein. 

It is, though, clear that the developed world must do its part to

  1. reduce emissions and
  2. allow developing countries to skip intervening and historical high emissions periods of economic development by providing ways to skip historical generations of harmful technological production techniques (by sharing new technologies, e.g.). 


Gary W. Yohe
Huffington Foundation Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies
Wesleyan University
238 Church Street
Middletown, CT  06459  USA