Contraction & Convergence (C&C) is the name of a Global CO2 emissions management model.
In honour of Nelson Mandela it has been projected as 'Climate Truth & Reconciliation'.

C&C was created by the Global Commons Institute (GCI) between 1989 & 1994.
GCI introduced C&C model at COP-2 in Geneva in 1996. In principle it was agreed at COP-3 in 1997.

As Joke Waller Hunter said after becoming the 2nd UNFCCC Executive Secretary in 2002 & the UNFCCC
repeated at COP-9 in Milan, "UNFCCC-compliance inevitably requires contraction and convergence".

C&C is also called 'The Well Tempered Climate Accord' (WTCA) as the internally convergent-parts of C&C
always add up to or commute with the global contraction-event as a whole required for UNFCCC-compliance.

GCI declared a global climate emergency at COP-2 as rates of climate change already threatened extinction.
Unless we complete a C&C-event at rates that avoid that threat, the reality of it will grow to overwhelm us.

What was already an emergency in 1996 has worsened. In 2019 it is now a crisis many call an existential threat.
Minus 225 tonnes carbon emissions per second
now needed to get to zero globally by 2040.

The apex need remains for an Alliance for UNFCCC-Compliance to achieve this.
Feedback omissions mean rates of change are now faster than were predicted.

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