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The more tempered it is, the stronger it becomes.

What is Contraction and Convergence?
A Short Movie from the C&C Foundation


"We need C&C. Its what links the science to the politics."
Professor Brendan Mackey Australia National University

"The only rationally and ethically defensible idea on the table.
C&C is the most important policy that has ever been mooted to save humanity."

Dr Ian Roberts speaking on C&C
at the Medics/Military Conference at the BMA Monday 17th October 2011

"We have a huge moral dilemma.
C&C is a simple and attractive idea and a wonderful way of achiveing fairness and sustainability."

Dr Anthony McMichael speaking on C&C
at the Medics/Military Conference at the BMA Monday 17th October 2011

"Climate change is a formidably difficult problem. We have to simply the message.
I have always liked Contraction and Convergence. Its where we've got to get to."

Dr Anthony Costello speaking on C&C
at the Medics/Military Conference at the BMA Monday 17th October 2011

"Contraction and Convergence should be on the agenda at climate change negotiations.
It is a principled stand that addresses the profound inequalities in public health and access to energy."

Dr Sir Andy Haines speaking on C&C
before the Medics/Military Conference at the BMA Monday 17th October 2011

"In the context of the international framework, the All Party Group group supports the morally compelling logic of Contraction and Convergence."
The [now] Rt Honorable Chris Huhne MP speaking on C&C
Well before conference at the BMA Monday 17th October 2011

"He is a good gentleman. He's been on this issue for years and he's not giving up.
If we had all been as strong as Aubrey we would have achieved very high levels."

The Kenyan UNFCCC negotiator Joshua Wairoto speaking on C&C
Well before conference at the BMA Monday 17th October 2011

"The C&C concept and campaign has created a global standard that is now widely recognized as an oustanding and essential contribution to the global debate on what to do avoid dangerous rates of climate change.
It is a rational, flexible and transparent concept that holds out the best hope of all urgent proposals that might form a basis of an environmentally and economically rational global agreement on climate change mitigation. C&C was at the core of the proposals for international agreement that are part of the Garnaut Climate Change Review, commissioned by and presented to the Australian Prime Minister."

Prof Ross Garnaut, Professor of Economics at the Australian National University
Vice-Chancellor�s Fellow and Professorial Fellow of Economics at The University of Melbourne.

"There is growing acceptance of the C&C principle as the only means of ensuring that we stay within emissions budget. We need to start putting this into practice as early as possible."
The Chairman of the IPCC Rajendra Pachauri speaking on C&C
Well before conference at the BMA Monday 17th October 2011

"With persistence and ingenuity, Aubrey Meyer has done an amazing job.
The C&C principle should be reflected in the UK Climate Act.
Sir Crispin Tickell endorses C&C
as a 'legal and intellectual framework'

"In the UK Climate Act we have endorsed the C&C principle.
Its pretty strong support for what Aubrey Meyer has said.
The Chairman of the UK Climate Change Committee Adair Turner
Confirms to Parliament that C&C is embedded in UK Climate Act

"We only have on or two decades before the situation becomes catastrophic.
C&C is the only mechanism we have to address this problem in time

Prof Bill McGuire endorses C&C
as the only mechasim we've got that can solve the problem in time

"Anyone who thinks C&C is Utopian simply hasn't considered the alternatives honestly."
Rowan Williams - Archbishop of Canterbury

Rabbi Jeffrey Newman agrees with Archbishop Rowan Williams


Colin Challen MP speaks on Contraction and Convergence as
"The Incontestable Truth - the Irreducible Response to Climate Change".


John Snow of Channel 4 speaks on Contraction and Convergence saying
"A Way to Reboot the UN - I am very convinced."


Dr Robin Stott on Contraction and Convergence
"A science-based framework that makes sense".

"The framework of contraction and convergence provides a flexible methodology to address the problem of allocation of emission rights. The contraction of overall world emissions pursued along with the convergence of countries average per capita emissions, allows developing countries to partake of the carbon budget. The per capita entitlements approach is an effective one in that it takes into account historical responsibility and is based on the egalitarian distribution of the commons, within which international justice positions of causal responsibility such as the polluter pays principle, come in."
Ban Ki Moon Supports Contraction and Convergence

Dr Mayer Hillman of PSI advocates C&C. "I am totally persuaded of the inevitability of the adoption of C&C. The public are going to say, why didn't we do this sooner?"

Fred Pearce New Scientist
"C&C is the formula that the NGOs need. Its a failure of imagination for them not to adopt it."

Jack Pringle [now former] President of RIBA
"C&C gives a framework in which you can address fair shares globally.
RIBA studied it and is convinved by it and is comfortable supporting it and Aubrey Meyer."

Chris Mottershead ex BP. "BP needs to hold itself accountable to the ethical implications of C&C"

Grace Akumu Climate Network Africa on Contraction and Convergence.
"The current Kyoto Protocol is devoid of anything called equity. We would like to rally African Governments to support the concept of Contraction and Convergence. Our interest lies therein."

Alex Evans on C&C

December 13th 2010
Post-mortem on Cancun by Aubrey Meyer, Director, Global Commons Institute (GCI)

Convergence faster than Contraction from Aubrey Meyer on Vimeo.
Convergence Accelerated Relative to Contraction Video Selection from Vimeo
Full Flash Animation for download and user determined viewing here

A wonderful site about Transformational Change.
In this video Professor Phil Hanlon suggest that if we are to transcend the problems of modernity we will have to understand why we are in our current predicament. To do so, he explores Plato's idea that human beings naturally integrate the true (science), the good (ethics) and the beautiful (aesthetics or art). We still do this in our own private lives but modernity has allowed a perverted version of one of the three (a reductionist and numerically driven version of science) to eclipse the other two in spheres like government and organisational life. The result is scientism and economism. If we are to achieve transformational change, we will have to learn how to reintegrate the good, the true and the beautiful. To that end he links to C&C and proposes a new six component framework which captures not just current science, ethics and aesthetics but also accommodates the emergent dimension of each domain.
Philip Hanlon
Professor of Public Health of Glasgow University

Pythagorean Earth:Venus Orbits of Sun

APPGCC - Colin Challen and his colleagues speak on C&C.

Risk- C&C risk-analysis and a variety of C&C supportive comments.

Demo - short C&C movie demo - credit to

C&C Promo

What is C&C?
Short clip from the movie 'The Age of Stupid'

Thoughts and a bit of Bach G Minor Violin Sonata at the Eden Project

C&C Campaign - Where it came from and where it was going around the time of COP-14 in Poznan

Do Lectures - Do more of less - Aubrey Meyer
Ex concert musician turned climate thinker. In 1989 Aubrey put brackets around a career in music and started a campaign to establish Contraction and Convergence as the internationally proportionate response to climate change. Contraction & Convergence is a response to the objective of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It is a rational, science-based global framework to share the removal of CO2 emissions globally at a rate where we solve the problem of climate change faster than we are creating it.

Big Picture -
Interviews about C&C

Recent mini-documentary -
on C&C at COP-15

Crisis Forum -
the Economics of Genocide

The UK Climate Act is pretty strong support for what he's saying.
Joan Walley questions Adair Turner on C&C in
Tthe House of Commons Enquiry in the UK Climate Act

Audio-Visual concept where C&C is a "Well Tempered Climate Accord"

Elegy People and Planet facing climate change


From the world's premeire forensic throbgoblin Marc Roberts

Contraction and Convergence was formulated by Aubrey Meyer, and is promoted by the Global Commons Institute. Under C+C rules, carbon trading still occurs, but unlike with the Kyoto protocol, every country in the world is obliged to reduce their fossil fuel use. This prevents "carbon colonialism", where rich nations cherrypick the cheap carbon offset deals from the Majority World. Instead all nations institute their own indigenous carbon reduction programmes, and surplus capacity is traded for a fair price.
Funny Weather - Kate Evans