As always, I am happy to support your submission – and greatly admire your perseverance!


Chris Mottershead

Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation)
King's College London
James Clerk Maxwell Building
57 Waterloo Road
London SE1 8WA

Mr Mottershead has been Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation) and a member of the College Council since 2009. He is also a member of the Council's Chairman's Committee and the Academic Board, and is Chairman of the Board's College Research Committee and a Director of the KCL Business Board. More on Mr Mottershead

Chris Mottershead ex BP: - "BP needs to hold itself accountable to the ethical implications of C&C"

GCI Evidence to BP [2004] A C&C 'world-view' [Powerpoint].

BP's statement followed later: -

“Contraction & Convergence helps greatly. It is inclusive and makes clear what needs to be achieved. Without such a shared model, there will not be the necessary relationships that create the new and exciting possibilities and the trust for shared action.”

Chris Mottershead Distinguished Advisor Energy & Environment BP plc.





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