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  1. Contraction & Convergence (C&C) first 20 years (1989-2008)
  2. The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution advocates C&C to Government (2000)
  3. July 2000 RCEP Chairman Sir Tom Blundell wrote a letter thanking GCI
  4. The UK Climate Act (Contraction & Convergence) (UKCA 2006)
  5. Colin Challen MP the greatest climate campaigner ever in the UK Parliament
  6. All UK Political Parties strongly endorsed C&C
  7. C&C supporting Early Day Motions (EDMs)
  8. HMG's UK Climate Act (UKCA 2008) is C&C (Right Principle, Wrong Rates)
  9. UK CO2 emissions & carbon debit since 1750 (CDIAC)
  10. UK CO2 emissions oil coal & gas since 1750 (CDIAC)
  11. UK Emissions & the Paris Agreement
  12. The irrationality of delay; the case in a Nutshell
  13. Canaries & Canards - Global & UK National - UKMO/HMG dodgy statistics
  14. 'Five Wise Monkeys' - a ludicrous idea from the UK CCC
  15. Sane Safe Fair? UK 'leadership' is >3 times its global share!
  16. Embedded Emissions - more false accounting from the British Government?

GCI declared a climate-emergency at COP-2 in 1996

GCI at COP-2 in 1996 when C&C was launched. It was agreed in principle at COP-3 in 1997
Not present in this photgraph are Jim Berreen and Dave Bradney.


With surely unintentional irony, the UK Government continues its propaganda on "leading the world" on climate change.

23 years later, on the First of May 2019, the UK House of Commons finally agrees that we are in a climate emergency

Better late than never. . . . ?