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  1. The UK Climate Act (Contraction & Convergence) (UKCA 2006)
  2. Colin Challen MP the greatest climate campaigner ever in the UK Parliament
  3. All UK Political Parties strongly endorsed C&C
  4. C&C supporting Early Day Motions (EDMs)
  5. HMG's UK Climate Act (UKCA 2008) is C&C (Right Principle, Wrong Rates)
  6. UK CO2 emissions & carbon debit since 1750 (CDIAC)
  7. UK CO2 emissions oil coal & gas since 1750 (CDIAC)
  8. UK Emissions & the Paris Agreement
  9. The irrationality of delay; the case in a Nutshell
  10. Canaries & Canards - Global & UK National - UKMO/HMG dodgy statistics
  11. 'Five Wise Monkeys' - a ludicrous idea from the UK CCC
  12. Sane Safe Fair? UK 'leadership' is >3 times its global share!
  13. Embedded Emissions - more false accounting from the British Government?

    With obviously unintentional irony, the UK Government continues
    its propaganda on "leading the world" on climate change.