“Many thanks to GCI for explaining the C&C model to AECB for managing & agreeing transitional carbon budgets from now onwards.”
"A special thank you for your talk at the conference. It was very much appreciated & referred to. It set a context for the presentations that followed which was very helpful and right."
Feedback from AECB. An individual AECB member described the slides & talk to these as, "brilliant and inspirational".

"I have yet to find someone who can scientifically disprove the work of Aubrey Meyer." Tim Smit CEO the Eden Centre.
"Thanks for your wise words Tim. Aubrey is a great and inspirational communicator." UKMO Richard Betts.
"It is worth glancing through the support for the C&C principle of ‘Climate Justice without Vengeance’." Rabbi Jeffrey Newman

Here are the GCI slides presented at the AECB Conference. Strong Q&A about these, & many clear & frank voices at AECB were women's.
Mouse-click inside image then use Keyboard Arrow Keys to advance/retreat slides. The animation at slide 11 is here
Serious contradictions in James Hansen's climate science/policy modelling & disagreements with UKMO are shown in slide 46.

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Animation integrating these key-trends here