Dear Aubrey

I am writing to confirm that I support the Global Commons Institute's latest proposal on Contraction and Convergence being put to the UNFCCC.

I regard it as the fairest and most practical model for ensuring that each nation plays their part in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. The model is attractive because it is fair to both developing and developed nations, while leaving each national government free to determine the means by which they reach their target.


Alan Marshall
Climate Science Communicator

The leading model for distributing emissions rights between nations on a per-capita basis is the proposed international framework called Contraction and Convergence. Formulated in the U.K. by the Global Commons Institute, it recognizes that because the emissions cuts required by developed nations are so deep, convergence to per-capita emissions rights is only possible over time.
Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy - Shaping a Sustainable World
Alan Marshall


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