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Dear Aubrey,

I’ve come to this belatedly, but want to register my support if I am able.
Do I need to do anything more complicated than record it in an email in this manner?



Andrew Kluth

Andrew Kluth BSc, MSc, FRSA, became in interested in and then passionate about environmental and sustainability issues when he worked for the Hong Kong Government in central policy-making roles, trying to understand how such a wonderful place could continue its spectacular way of life in an increasingly populated, resource hungry and climatically challenged world. Andrew was there from 1983 to 1997 and did a wide range of things:

  • writing Government policy on municipal and chemical waste management, including landfills and refuse transfer stations;
  • leading the Government Expert team in nuclear safety negotiations with the Chinese;
  • overhauling the civilian emergency response planning systems and facilities;
  • taking legislation on aviation security, official secrets and prisoner rehabilitation through the drafting and legislative processes; and
  • acting as the Government expert on costs of land production for land income distribution purposes.

In the UK, he developed or been has been instrumental in developing the sustainability/corporate responsibility (CR) strategies for Jarvis plc, the Royal Mail Group, Halcrow and Network Rail. Andrew also advised FTSE 100 clients including Alliance Boots, Virgin Media, Johnson Matthey and EDF Energy on their CR/ sustainability strategy, reporting and communications.

Andrew was a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers’ Environment and Sustainability Panel from 2009-2011 and am on the editorial panel of the Journal of Engineering Sustainability. Andrew holds degrees in psychology and environmental sciences, is the co-inventor of a patented irrigation device for which funding is being sought to bring it to market and a trustee of a local almshouse association.


Various C&C articles over the years.
Why not

Why not