Dear Aubrey,

I fully support the GCI proposal to the UNFCCC - to use the GCI Contraction and Convergence model as the collective basis of the negotiating framework needed for UNFCCC-compliance.

There appears to be no other proposal on the table that creates an internationally integrated response to human induced climate change. It offers the best chance of facilitating the global mobilisation required for the social, environmental and energy related challenges ahead.

Best Regards,


Andrew Simmonds

AECB the sustainable building association

The AECB is a network of individuals and companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building. It brings together builders, architects, designers, manufacturers, housing associations and local authorities, to develop, share and promote best practice in environmentally sustainable building. We pride ourselves on our independence, relevance and practicality.

Contraction and Convergence [C&C] is a science-based, equitable framework for cutting human-induced carbon emissions. It was developed in the early 1990's by a small group led by Aubrey Meyer, a musician and composer turned environmentalist, who has campaigned for it ever since. C&C Website



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