CBAT - the Carbon Budget Analysis Tool

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CBAT is also know as "The Well Tempered Climate Accord" (WTCA)

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WTCA is 'non-ideological'. It simply a calculating policy model that 'commutes',

so seven perfect octaves add up to 12 well tempered 5ths.

Galileo's father (a lute maker) spaced frets on the instruments he made at well tempered intervals
for this simple reason; it makes success with UNFCCC-Compliance possible - i.e. it 'works'.

With few exceptions, there is not a lute or a guitar or a piano in use anywhere in the world today
that is not 'well tempered in this way.


The_Climate_Agenda.pdf (

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"It seems to me that Contraction & Convergence is the basic principle that whould global climate policy
and that this policy is really unchallenged in principle bu any of the other climate modles under discusssion.

Granted that it is good to have accurate models of the world works & to work out the numerical balances
of C&C. Nevertheless, I wonder at what point complex & uncertain empirical models become a distraction
from simple firts principles.

C&C is a necessary precondition for a just & sustainable world.

With best wishes & admiration you & your colleagues' important work on C&C."

Herman Daly