C&C-Centric ‘path-dependency’. In 13 Venus years, there are 8 Earth years, and 5 Earth:Venus Perigee ‘KISS’ (EVPK) moments*.
This suggests a ‘wave-particle’ synthesis of how a C&C-centered consciousness co-operates as a ‘concept-constitution’ or ‘centre-of-gravity’ that ‘pulls-together’ from the centre of ‘expanding-consciousness’. Noting that 5 of these cycles in sequence totals the 40 Earth years roughly still available to complete the full-term C&C-event that achieves UNFCCC-compliance i.e. UNFCCC-compliance = C&C*52(EVPK). So, where in this path-integral, is it appropriate to ‘place-and-vector’ various ‘sector-specific-constituencies’ when success is governed by completion of the full-term C&C-event that achieves UNFCCC-compliance? The sure way not to fail is the determination to succeed. In the solar-system, the cycle for this has already been determined. The key is linking that to the question, ‘are we determind to succeed’? If we are . . . . then the need to link this path-integral understanding, in the disaggregated and often harshly competing special interests of ‘sector-specific-constituencies’, to that commitment follows and is absolute. On the right-hand page is the enlarged detail of the image on the left-hand page.

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As with the 'Berlin Wall', the 'Climate-Firewall' can yet come down. 'Climate-detente' possible at COP-17 with negotiated rates of C&C.
Why not

Why not