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Hi Aubrey

I haven't read your submission yet, but based on my thorough reading of your website back in 2008 I endorse your submission. Is there anything you need me to do?

Best wishes


Craig Embleton

"What is Eco-affluent Convergence? Eco-affluent convergence is the merging of two ideas, eco-affluence and contraction and convergence. The term was created by Green Frontier’s founder, Craig Embleton, to describe the mechanism by which everyone can lead sustainably affluent lifestyles as we wean ourselves of our fossil fuel addiction.

Eco-affluence James Martin talks about a globally sustainable civilisation in his book “The Meaning of the 21st Century”. He writes that …“we can have spectacularly affluent civilizations where we don’t use more resources than the environment can provide. I call this eco-affluence. There can be new lifestyles of the grandest quality that heal rather than harm our global ecosystem”.

Contraction and Convergence Contraction and convergence is a term used to describe the mechanism for reducing global emissions of greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. It is based on the principles of equity and survival, whereby global carbon emissions reduce as the per capita emissions across the global population converge to the same level. Contraction & Convergence is the brainchild of Aubrey Meyer, founder and director of the Global Commons Institute (GCI). The use of the word “contraction” to describe the framework by which we get to a better state goes against the hopes and aspirations of the people who will need to “contract” as it implies a lesser lifestyle.

We can wean ourselves off our current addiction to fossil fuels and concurrently move to a higher level of living. Eco-affluent Convergence Putting the two ideas together, to provide sustainably affluent lifestyles for everyone on Earth that are rich in terms of everthing that actually counts, we have a mechanism called eco-affluent convergence."