Roger Hallam XR & UKMO-led 'bunch of guys' behind the RCP scenarios

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The Permian Extinction was called the Great Dying Emissions:Concentrations Scenario RCP 8.5 was introduced in 2010
in preparation for IPCC 5th Assessment Report (AR5). RCP 8.5 and RCP 2.5 (now long gone) dominated AR5 pub 2015.

The RCP Scenarios were introduced by Richard Betts (UKMO) and what in 2010 he described as 'a bunch of guys'.
This RCP matter became a significant part of the EAC Enquiries 2009 to 2013 because of 'feedback omissions'.

Nature magazine pointed out thereafter that RCP 8.5 was equal to the Permian Extinction,
but approached at ~ 1,000 times the deep historical precedent (251 million years ago).
It was known as the great dying as ~ 95% of life forms went down (Benton).

Richard Betts (UKMO) has recently and publicly harassed Roger Hallam & XR for 'incorrectly' suggesting that Billions
of lives are now at risk. Betts insists Hallam's figure is wrong and impossible. He has even bullied XR into withdrawing it.
However, he was right only insofar as Roger Hallam - under the scenario 8.5 - under-estimated (not over-estimated) the risk.

Richard Betts has refused to answer any questions about [a] RCP 8.5, [b] the number of deaths foreseen or
crucially [c] questions about the ludicrously gerrymandered results finally published by IPCC in AR5.

Bett's only comment now is now, "RCP 8.5 won't happen." Like everyone else I hope not, but why put it all over AR5
in 2010 and waste ~ five years with feedback-free-modelling in the RCPs through to 2015 & the pub of AR5?

The UKMO encouraged IPCC decision to base its advice to policy-makers (IPCC AR5 2015) on RCP 2.5 to 8.5 was and remains
much worse than the NASA decision to go ahead with the space-shuttle Challenger launch & consequent tragedy.

The climate change consequences of this are becoming the biggest act of child-abuse in human history.
DECC subsequently (in 2016) confirmed that the RCP scenarios were largely feedback-free.

In summary, the uncomfortable truth now is that Roger Hallam et al are effectively in jail for crimes-of-denial not to
mention evidence tampering committed by Richard Betts et al. This is doubly ironic in that at the same time they are
now being forced by the evidence to concede that on all fronts/vectors acceleration is visibly in the data.


Hallam is in his 8th day of hunger-striking . . . within forty days he will either be force-fed or he will die.


This was all admitted and then denied by UKMO in 2013

The ludicrous result of UKMO et al denying that feedbacks had been omitted from the climate-modelling
during the preparation of IPCC AR5, was this attempt to reverse-engineer feedbacks onto scenario RCP 8.5
after the fact as represented by this IPCC chart published in 2015 in AR5 published.

Here it is analysed by Peter Carter.
It is coming again IPCC AR6 in 2021


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