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Climate Change: negotiate rates of convergence of per capita carbon entitlements

  1. We support growing calls for HMG to propose a climate deal based on Contraction & Convergence [C&C] at the UNFCCC, but urge it to negotiate the rate of convergence within C&C to equal per capita CO2 emissions entitlements globally http://www.gci.org.uk/ http://www.candcfoundation.org/ 
  2. By prescribing convergence by 2050, the ‘Danish Text’ alienated many nations at COP-15 because such slow convergence would give western nations free use of finite 'carbon space' which faster convergence would allocate to developing nations.
  3. A 2009 Chinese paper, noting the Global Commons Institute proposed a range of convergence rates, argued that 'convergence of entitlements should occur immediately’ http://www.gci.org.uk/Documents/China_Research.pdf 
  4. HMG can reconcile these positions by recalling support for C&C from India, Africa Group, China and USA at Kyoto (COP-3) and agreeing to negotiate for a faster rate of convergence to equal per capita emissions entitlements at COP-17.

DECC/UK have accepted a C&C petition that's says "Make Contraction and Convergence [C&C] UK government climate change policy" and that is welcome.

However, the following facts are relevant: -

  1. With the so-called Danish Text DECC et al prescribed the rate of convergence at COP-15 - i.e. that convergence must complete by 2050 – so DECC can claim that they have already made C&C Government policy;
  2. However, there was violent rejection of this 'slow' rate of convergence at COP-15 from non-Annex One countries [and Developing Country Governments]; 
  3. The Chinese Government’s had called for immediate convergence six months before COP-15, but were ignored and then blamed by the DECC-UK Minister after COP-15 for this ‘failure’ at COP-15.

So it seem that we’re going to get *yet another* stand-off at COP-17 in December in Durban. This is what really threatens us all, as: -

  1. DECC under Chris Huhne continue to prescribe 2050;
  2. The Kyoto Protocol expires come 2012;
  3. The US have now backed away citing 'firewall';
  4. There’s now not another deal in sight anywhere.

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As with the 'Berlin Wall', the 'Climate-Firewall' can yet come down. 'Climate-detente' possible at COP-17 with negotiated rates of C&C.
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Why not