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Euro Solar Award
WINNER Aubrey Meyer for Contraction and Convergence Communication.

Aubrey Meyer is a musician and composer. In 1988 he was looking for a subject for a musical and came across the story of Chico Mendez and his assassination in the Brazilian Rainforest. Aubrey co-founded the Global Commons Institute (GCI) in 1990 through which he developed the principle of “Contraction and Convergence” (C&C) which has become a central feature of the debate about our common future under the conditions of global climate change. C&C is now the subject of a Private Member’s Bill before the UK Parliament.

The GCI website contains very clear information.

JUDGES this year were Jackie Carpenter and Daniel Kenning.


"The concept of Contraction and Convergence introduces a sane dimension to the politics of energy, and forms a backdrop against which renewable energy projects can be developed."

For the Awards, the judges looked for systems that are inspiring and can be reproduced. The selected projects are real projects that have been delivered and demonstrated rather than plans and ideas. The winners selected have demonstrated vision, persistence, and the ability to introduce and succeed with their project. The aim is to promote renewable energy for widespread replication and public acceptance.

The awards will bring the subject of "solar" energy (in the sense of renewable energies driven by the sun) to the attention of a wider public and activate people towards the uptake of renewable energy systems of all kinds. The winners will all go forward to be considered for the European Awards.

The Government’s targets and budgets have been set using a top-down approach based on the principle of contraction and convergence. This approach involves emissions from industrialised nations reducing (contracting). At the same time, emissions from all nations converge to an overall target consistent with stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations within the atmosphere at an acceptable level. In this way, over time emissions will contract and converge to an equal share per person globally, regardless of the nation in which they live. The desire from most authorities is to constrain the global mean temperature rise to 2°C or below. This translates the contraction and convergence requirement to an 80% reduction target for the UK relative to 1990 levels by 2050 and the adopted budget profile through to 2020. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers supports the principle of contraction and convergence.
Climate Change - Have We Lost the Battle?
Institution of Mechanical Engineers





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