Dear Aubrey

Thank you for your kind words.

I fully support GCI’s efforts on Contraction and Convergence and also support the submission to the UNFCCC

Kind Regards



Derek Deighton
Managing Director at Trailblazer Business Futures

At core is our need to contract and converge

  • how can we creatively match the energy and Resource Intensity of SystemUK to the affordable energy and other resources available to us as a society to give a sustainable ‘Quality of Life’.
  • Critically it is not only about technologies but also about how we ‘organise’ ourselves as a society and businesses to continually reduce the Resource Intensity of the ‘essential’ services we enjoy.

The Queen Elizabeth prize misses entirely the key requirement of this century, the need to continually contract and converge the Resource intensity of societies whilst living within global resource and sink availability.

Any prize that doen't put these requirements at the core of the judging criteria is not fit for purpose. And as far as politicians are concerned we can fairly say that ~ the sustainability of any society is inversely proportional to the number of lawyers per capita.

Those whose income depends on the failure demand generated by society cannot make rational decisions as to the effective distribution of precious resources.




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