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Dear Aubrey

It goes without saying that I support C&C; please add my name.

What future would there be for humanity if we didn’t undertake this crucial levelling exercise?

Let me know if I can help at any time with obtaining photographs/illustrations to help drive the message home to the more reluctant or blinkered among us. As you may recall, I have been a picture researcher and editor all my working life. I have collected many images/ideas over the past few years on sustainable living, and believe that the strongest effects are obtained by shocking juxtapositions of images.

After losing thousands on creating/producing/publishing/marketing the Calendar of Climate Change for 3 whole years, I draw the conclusion that collaboration with others is powerful and key to the success of our common goal.

Go well.

Diana Korchien
Flipside Vision

Diana is a specialist environmental picture editor/researcher and she is permanently available to collaborate on visual materials for awareness-raising projects (books, films, expos, etc.) and has the expertise and the commitment to go the extra mile.

GCI says - these pictures are gorgeous and check the calendar here too . . .