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Your story that the Rich nations have 'given up' on new climate treaty until 2020 also said that the, "UK's negotiators are now fixed on 2020". This suggests that, until now they had an effective strategy for achieving a global deal sooner than that and crucially for keeping within the 'two degree' Celsius temperature rise.

What strategy was that I wonder? Already at COP-15 in 2009 they tried prescribing rates of global emissions 'contraction and convergence' [C&C] for two degrees with equal per capita emissions entitlements being reached globally by only 2050, by when 80% of the global emissions budget would have been used up.

Unsurprisingly Developing Countries accepted the C&C principle but rejected the rates prescribed by the UK and its friends, blaming them for persisting with prescriptions that are eco-cidally unfair. Is the UK is now waiting for something helpfully 'new' to happen by 2020? If so, they're deluded as all we can now expect from this further 'delay' is more and blame, anger and failure, with less and less time to contain it.

Aubrey Meyer
57 Howard Road
London E17 4SH




As with the 'Berlin Wall', the 'Climate-Firewall' can yet come down. 'Climate-detente' possible at COP-17 with negotiated rates of C&C.
Why not

Why not