"We all know that a deal will be made regardless of who is on agrees to its terms or not, but then the question of enforcement comes into play. In December the deal that is yet to be struck. It should encompass the contraction and convergence theory with no alterations or modifications. The more the deal is amended to suit everyone the less of an impact it will have, but then again another Kyoto protocol scenario is at hand."

Happy Koti Khambule is a fourth year law student at the University of Johannesburg. He has a special passion for the environment which has led him to participate in numerous projects and programmes. He is an Ashoka Youth Venture, a British Council “Global Change Maker”, a British Council mentor, a Junior Achievement alumni and a former Student in Free Enterprise student, and currently a Project90 Gauteng clubs Co-ordinator. He has been involved in instituting projects within his local communities in Johannesburg and Soweto aimed at addressing climate change awareness and environmental issues to primary school pupils, youth and adults. The projects aimed to instill as sense of climate change and environmental awareness and to actively deal with issues affecting the community. He enjoys a variety of team sports and outdoor sport activities, music and games.
Happy Khambule, South Africa


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