Dear Aubrey,

We are pleased to support this C&C proposal to the UNFCCC. It is vital that Contraction & Convergence is adopted as a negotiating framework if the principles have any chance of being extended and applied to other resources.

Best wishes

Ian Roderick

Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems
Systems Thinking for Sustainability

Equity within Limits
Where did this all begin?

What does “Converging World” mean?
The Converging World concept is large and complex. The converging aspect derives partly from the ‘Contraction & Convergence’ principle proposed by Aubrey Meyer of the Global Commons Institute (see Schumacher Briefing No 5), which sees, across the world, an equal per capita right to emit ‘carbon’. The Converging World idea goes beyond carbon trading, although this is a fundamental aspect requiring emergency attention. It is a vision of a world where everyone has a fair and equal share of all the resources that the Earth can easily provide without jeopardising its potential to support life in all its diversity. It is also a world where everyone has a fair and equal share of, and access to, human created resources such as knowledge. The vision extends to an indiscriminate right, and equal access, to the functions of our institutions for justice, health, education and security. In this converging worldview environmental issues are inseparable from social justice.


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