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Good to hear from you.

I would be delighted to support C&C as a proposal to UNFCCC as a logical framework for sharing the responsibility of controlling climate change world-wide.


Jack Pringle PPRIBA Hon AIA FRSA Dip Arch BA(hons)
Partner Pringle Brandon
Partner Pringle Brandon Drew
Chair Article [25] (UK reg. charity 1112621 for Development and Disaster Relief)
Deputy Chair Construction Industry Council (CIC)
Past President Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

"One approach to reducing GHG emissions is known as ‘Contraction and Convergence’. This involves emissions from industrialised nations reducing (contracting) and emissions from all nations converging to an overall target consistent with stabilising GHG concentrations in the atmosphere. Over time, emissions would contract and converge to an equal share per person. To achieve this equitable distribution, each of us in the UK would need to reduce our average annual carbon dioxide emissions from 10 tonnes to two tonnes. Contraction and Convergence is the science-based, global climate-policy framework, proposed to the United Nations since 1990 by the Global Commons Institute.
It is supported by many climate change scientists and policy makers, including the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution." See here & here
RIBA Climate Change Toolkit


Jack Pringle [now former] President of RIBA
"C&C gives a framework in which you can address fair shares globally.
RIBA studied it and is convinved by it and is comfortable supporting it and Aubrey Meyer.


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Why not