Dear Aubrey

I am more than happy to support the C&C proposal to the UNFCCC. 

C&C is and remains the only scientifically robust, politically and ethically justifiable framework for enabling a global 'just transition' to decarbonisation in relation to climate change

Yours sincerely

Dr. John Barry

Reader, School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy
Associate Director, Institute for a Sustainable World
Director, Centre for Sustainability and Environmental Reseach

Queen's University Belfast
21 University Square
Belfast, BT7 1NN

Advances in EcoPolitics ed John Barry

Contraction and Convergence is a proposal from the Global Commons Institute for how the Earth's atmosphere (the 'global commons’) should be shared, which is another way of saying how the right to produce polluting carbon dioxide should be distributed (Meyer, 2000). It is a simple plan to cap total emissions at the level suggested by the best available science (relying on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and then to share these equally between all the world's citizens so that everybody receives a carbon credit. The Figure illustrates the Contraction and Convergence model, indicating how emissions have risen and how they countries will be expected to reduce them over the next 50 years. The contraction is this decline: the convergence is the movement towards global equality in per capita emissions.


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