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Hi Aubrey

Hope you are well, long time no speak.

What do I need to do to endorse your submission?



John Riley
Holyrood 350
Energy Saving Porjects
11 Broughton Rd, Biggar,
Scotland, ML12 6AN


The Contraction part concentrates on the total amount of Carbon being put into the atmosphere. This lays down an annual fall of global emissions - how great that fall would be would depend on the final level of atmospheric carbon considered safe.

The Convergence part lays down how the entitlements to emit car­bon are distributed between the countries of the world. Initially these entitlements would reflect current emissions to reflect the difficulty in making the transition. However these ini­tial entitlements will converge towards equal per capita emissions across the planet. The year when entitlements reach equality would be subject to negotiation. Once Convergence has been reached then all countries entitlements would con­tinue to fall, that is to say contract.

Contraction & Convergence is the underlying international approach H35O - along with most others - support. In a sense Holyrood 350 is advocating unilateral Contraction and Convergence within Scotland in order to show that this is possible and inspire others to follow our example.