COP-17 - Surreal Estate
Could this be the "major step forward" claimed by Mark Lynas?

Typically, most Governments and the entire global media - printed & broadcast - refuse to acknowledge & deal with this issue. The CBI says, "Durban shows UNFCCC not dead in the water" while Durban UNFCCC shows the islands are. In other words, inclusivity trumped urgency and equity at COP-17. As of today [11 December 2011] with this 'Durban Deal', AOSIS voices were summarised by Karl Hood of Grenada [AOSIS Chairman] like this:

"Must we accept our annihilation?"
"While they develop, we die; and why should we accept this?"

Ambassador Jumeau of Seychelles COP 17

"You are all small Islanders. Don't save us, save yourselves. We are one & the same."

But pause - maybe COP-17 'Durban was 'a major step forward' and' this is the secret solution Mark Lynas and his chum George Monbiot now have for the Maldives. They don't need to go under water, they need to float as all Floating-Islands will rise with the tide. They might even be nuclear-powered. By the look of it they've got their own volcanoes [aft - next to the heli-port].