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Dear Aubrey,

You should already have my endorsement but here you go again, in case you don’t.

C&C is the only global solution to climate change that I have not only found, but also the only one that makes perfect sense too. It’s fair, it’s equal, it’s a life saver and the only sensible solution on the table. It needs actioning NOW!

Warm regards,

Marie Loh
Concerned Mum & Creative Activist

On a website called Mum' Got Talent designer Marie Loh journeys through growing realization of the environmental crisis with candour, good humour and great creative flair.

It is really good to see that 'stringularity', linking music and the C&C response to climate change, makes sense to her so easily. As another friend said recently: - "C&C & music; staggering intrinsic beauty."



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